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US President Joe Biden

After the exit under ex-President Donald Trump, the US is now officially part of the Paris Climate Agreement again.

With the start of the day on Friday on the US east coast, the United States returned to the historic treaty of 2015, according to the UN. © The  new President Joe Biden had the return to the climate agreement as one of his most pressing tasks on his first day at work on January 20th initiated.

“Key moment”

© The  Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, described the US move on Thursday as a “key moment” on the move towards more sustainable climate protection. Guterres also praised the strengthening of US climate policy implemented by the Biden administration, which also includes reversing some of the steps taken by the Trump administration.

A 30-day period expired on Friday to complete re-entry. Under Trump, the United States officially withdrew from the UN agreement to limit climate change in November 2019. ©

 The  United States has the second highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world after China, with significantly fewer inhabitants.

Biden says he wants America to become a leading nation in the fight against global warming. For this he made a political heavyweight with the former US Secretary of State John Kerry as the White House’s special envoy to the climate. Kerry and Guterres are due to attend an event to mark the US re-entry into the treaty on Friday. ©

 The  aim of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to well below two degrees compared to the time immediately before the start of industrialization. So far, however, the states’ plans to save greenhouse gases are far from being sufficient to achieve this.

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USA officially part Paris climate agreement climate


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