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At first glance, it seems like good news that comes from Israel: According to a new, as yet unpublished report by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and Biotech not only alleviates the symptoms of Covid-19 disease, but also prevents it the transmission of the virus – a discovery that gives hope for a long-awaited return to the routine.

However, experts warn that the findings have no scientific significance. Contrary to what some reports suggest, the publication by the Israeli Ministry of Health is not a scientific study, but only a preliminary report – but it has it all: According to it, a person is two weeks after receiving the second dose of Pfizer Vaccine protected against infection with almost 96 percent effectiveness.

Whether the Pfizer vaccine can prevent the transmission of the virus was previously considered a great unknown. But this is important because in order to contain the pandemic as quickly as possible, as few people as possible should be infected.  The  new findings seem to give a positive answer to the question of preventing transmission.

However, there is no certainty: the report that the Israeli Ministry of Health published over the weekend is only a few pages long and contains neither information about the data nor about the methodology used to analyze it.

Without such information, it is “difficult to form an opinion,” writes Eran Segal, a researcher from the Weizmann Institute, who recently made a name for himself with his analyzes of Covid 19 statistics.

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Nadav Eyal, the Israeli journalist who first reported on the finds, was amazed on Sunday on Twitter at the enthusiasm of some media. “As I pointed out in my story, senior officials at the Ministry of Health have said the infection reduction data is sketchy at best,” he wrote. “© The y depend too much on the test strategy.”

Neither Biontech nor the ministry wanted to comment on the paper

Israel’s Ministry of Health, together with vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, is analyzing statistics on the course of the pandemic in Israel and the impact of the vaccination campaign in order to be able to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the vaccine.


 The  most recent manuscript used Israeli health data from vaccinated and unvaccinated persons to examine, among other things, how well the active ingredient protects against diseases, but also against infections.

It is important to know that the manuscript has neither been published by the company nor in a specialist journal that has been peer-reviewed. It was leaked to Israeli journalists from the “ynet” Internet portal and is available to the German Press Agency. Neither Biontech nor the Israeli Ministry of Health wanted to comment.

[Mehr zum ©

 The ma: „Das Virus kommt im nächsten Flieger zurück“ – der Impf-Egoismus fällt Deutschland auf die Füße (T+)]

What’s in the manuscript? ©

 The  active ingredient is “highly effective” in preventing infections with Sars-CoV-2, the authors write. ©

 The y had the data from tens of thousands of positive corona tests in Israel available and looked at how many of those infected were vaccinated or not vaccinated.


 The  result: ©

 The  proportion of people with full vaccination protection who tested positive for Corona within a certain period of time was significantly lower than the proportion of those who were not vaccinated. ©

 The  authors of the study write of an “effectiveness” of 89.4 percent for this protection.


 The  results are not as clear-cut as the bare number suggests

But this number should be treated with caution: ©

 The  results of the study are not as clear as the bare number initially suggests.

With the “green pass”, vaccinated persons should be allowed to return to swimming pools, theaters and libraries on March 1st.Foto: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun


 The  authors themselves point out that their approach may have led to the effect of vaccination on infections being overestimated. Because in Israel the unvaccinated are tested more often than the vaccinated. For this reason alone, there could have been more positive tests in the unvaccinated group.


 The  Israeli news portal “ynet” also writes: “©

 The  Ministry of Health made it clear that the data on effectiveness against infections are the least certain compared to the other data.”

At a later date, the two parties want to publish studies in scientific publications, which would have to go through a peer review process, an assessment by other scientists and would therefore have far more weight than the report that has now been published.


 The re are fewer hospital admissions among those over 60

However, it is not unlikely that the corona vaccines will also have an effect on a possible infection with the virus. Researchers at Oxford University wrote in an article initially only published online and not yet officially published for the journal “©

 The  Lancet” (read here) in early February that vaccination with the vaccine from Astrazeneca could reduce the transmission of the coronavirus by 67 percent.

That the Biontech vaccination the symptoms of the disease greatly alleviates, but several Israeli studies have already proven it – and this is now also evident in everyday life. By Saturday, according to the statistics portal “Our World in Data” from Oxford University, almost 50 percent of all Israelis had received at least one of the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine that are necessary for almost complete immunization.

In the age group over 60, in which the vaccination rate is over 90 percent, the number of corona-related hospital admissions drops significantly. In the meantime, more younger Israelis have to seek inpatient treatment for a Covid-19 infection than older ones.


 The  number of new infections every day is also falling, despite the fact that the government released its citizens from a strict lockdown in early February. Since Sunday, non-essential shops have been allowed to open again in Israel, as well as fitness studios, swimming pools, theaters and libraries.

However, access to such leisure facilities is reserved for those who either have a Covid 19 infection and are considered immunized or who have been vaccinated against the virus.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Health has created a so-called “Green Pass”, which immunized persons can download via an app. On Sunday, however, contrary to promises to the contrary, the page was not yet available – apparently it did not withstand the high rush. (with dpa)

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Vaccinated people contagious Israeli scientists dampen Biontech euphoria knowledge


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