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 The re are low-threshold videos about the CoV vaccination on the Facebook page of “Austria vaccinates”. But “Austria vaccinates” is a white, classically Austrian campaign, the speakers have no migration background, that is a “missed opportunity”, Judith Kohlenberger from the Institute for Social Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration told “Vienna today”.

“We just have to go to any hospital in Vienna, where the majority of nurses have a migration background. That would be a good testimonial to say, yes, we will be vaccinated, ”said Kohlenberger.

“One would like information in the first languages”


 The re is really very good information from the government about the measures I can take to protect myself. But there isn’t that much about vaccination. And if there is anything, it’s for the rich people, the old people – but I can’t find myself, ”said Mariam Elhigazi. That is a problem, says the psychologist and health guide at Volkshilfe, as there are also concerns about the CoV vaccination in her community.

TV notice
“Vienna today, February 22nd, 2021 at 7 p.m. on ORF2.

“I notice that with people because unfortunately there are many videos on social media that have influenced people with regard to Corona and vaccination,” said Elhigazi. Together with other voluntary health guides, Elhigazi, who came to Austria from Sudan in 1993, informs people with a migration background about health issues in several languages.

Impflotsin Mariam Elhigazi


Health guide Mariam Elhigazi: Migrants “don’t find each other”

In surveys with migrants, the social scientist Kohlenberger found that the communities feel poorly informed. “One would like information in the first languages ​​and this information not to be downloaded somewhere on a website, but rather it has to be easily accessible wherever people are on the Internet,” said Kohlenberger in an interview with “Wien heute”.

Red Cross: “Already translated into 14 languages”


 The  Red Cross vaccination campaign includes subjects in various languages. ©

 The y range from Arabic to Turkish to Hungarian. “©

 The  latest information from the ‘Austria vaccinates’ initiative has already been translated into 14 languages. ©

 The y have been advertised in various foreign-language media over the past few weeks, ”said Gerald Czech, who is responsible for marketing at the Red Cross.

Translation alone is not enough, because migrants are more likely to get information online or in traditional media, said Kohlenberger. “Which sources can I trust, how serious are they? We noticed a great deal of awareness within migrant communities too. “

Volkshilfe offers training

Volkshilfe offers to train health guides like Mariam Elighazi on the subject of “vaccination” as part of its “Migrants for Health” initiative. But this requires an order, said Volkshilfe Wien managing director Tanja Wehsely. ©

 The  initiative “Migrants for Health” is coordinated by Volkshilfe. ©

 The  money for this comes from the Federal Chancellery (BKA), a fund of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) and the City of Vienna.

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