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In Vorarlberg’s 49 old people’s and nursing homes, the residents as well as the nursing staff have now been vaccinated twice against Covid-19, according to Health Councilor Martina Rüscher (ÖVP). Around 5,300 people in the vaccination streets and around 1,350 people in the homes received a CoV vaccination at the weekend.

According to Rüscher, people with disabilities and people from health professions were first immunized in Dornbirner Impfstraße on Friday and Saturday. Around 3,650 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were inoculated.

Isolated vaccination reactions

According to Rüscher, it is a long way from acceptance problems with this vaccine. Occasionally there were vaccination reactions on the following day. According to Rüscher, the 1450 hotline received around 50 calls in which symptoms such as nausea and vomiting were described. An anaphylactic reaction occurred on site and was treated appropriately, said the health councilor.

In Bregenz, Bezau and Bludenz as well as in Kleinwalsertal, according to Rüscher, high-risk patients and people over 80 who do not live in old people’s or nursing homes were vaccinated at the weekend. A total of 1,640 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were inoculated in the four vaccination lines. In addition, due to the availability of the AstraZeneca vaccine, people under the age of 65 who were at high risk were invited to vaccinate on the vaccination weekend.

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