Vanessa Mai: Mishap! Suddenly she shows her bare bottom


Vanessa Mai: Mishap! Suddenly she shows her bare bottom

02/22/2021 at 7:00 a.m.

Vanessa Mai had a mishap.
Vanessa Mai had a mishap.

Oops, that should be a little different. Although the hit star wanted Vanessa Mai sexy dancing. But it shouldn’t be that sexy.

Wanted to be on Instagram Vanessa Mai try in a new dance challenge. © The  pop singer danced in a wide gray shirt at first and then changed into a super tight dress the next moment.

Vanessa Mai twerkt on Instagram: © The n it happens

So far, so normal. After all, this type of video has been standard on social media channels like Tiktok or Instagram for some time.

But with Vanessa Mai the dance went wrong. Because just as Vanessa Mai started twerking in a tight dress, the dress slipped up, exposing her entire bottom.

Vanessa Mai: Suddenly everyone sees her butt

Oops, a frightened look from the singer, an amused look from the men in the background and a huge joy among the Instagram followers of the “Jeans, T-Shirt and Freedom” singer.

Whereby she should not have meant the uncovered ass on Instagram when she said freedom in the song. Anyway.


This is Vanessa Mai:

  • Vanessa Marija Else Mandekić was born on May 2, 1992 in Backnang
  • She has been married to her manager Andreas Ferber, Andrea Berg’s stepson, since 2017
  • © The  couple celebrated their wedding in the music video for “Have you ever”
  • She became famous in the hit band Wolkenfrei
  • But since 2015 Vanessa Mai has been on stage as a solo artist
  • In 2020 she even made her acting debut in the ARD film “Just with you together”
  • In addition to Helene Fischer, she is one of the most famous Schlager singers


Friends and fans celebrate Vanessa Mai for being able to laugh at her ‘mishap’ and even uploading it to Instagram.

Vanessa Mai: fans and friends celebrate the singer

For example, “GZSZ” star Cheyenne Pahde sends six salmon smileys. And “©

 The  Masked Singer” rate queen Ruth Moschner sends three more lashing smileys and a “Mega” afterwards.


More about Vanessa Mai:

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Vanessa Mai: When HER name is mentioned, the singer freaks out – “Why haven’t we met?”

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A fan also celebrates Vanessa for her ability not to take herself too seriously. He writes: “Haha, Fail of the year. It’s cool that you can laugh at yourself! “


Vanessa Mai’s albums:

  • Endlessly in love (2014)
  • Kissed Awake (2015)
  • For you (2016)
  • Rainbow (2017)
  • Schlager (2018)
  • Forever (2020)


Vanessa Mai likes to be sexy. But something can also go under.


 The  Vanessa Mais concert in Cologne two years ago was very emotional. What happened?

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Vanessa Mai Mishap Suddenly shows bare bottom


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