VCA Amstetten Cup final – outsiders scratched sensation

VCA Amstetten Cup final - outsiders scratched sensation

“We have to risk more with our service,” said VCA sports director Michael Henschke, the direction of the march. And in the first sentence, the guests in the Bleiburger Halle had the momentum on their side.  The  Mostviertler even earned four set balls. But the favorite fended off all four set balls. But at the sixth set point for Michael Henschke’s troops, top attacker Eduardo Romay made it 27:25 for Amstetten.

Favorite got into the game hard

© The  second round was also balanced. ©

 The  Amstettner fought a brave fight in the home hall of Aich / Dob. Both teams could only gain a small lead. In the end, the Carinthians had two set balls. But this time the guests fended off the set balls. But at the score of 25:24, the favorite kept his nerve and equaled in sets with 26:24. Also in the third set, the Amstettner stood up to the “Goliath”. But service errors crept in with “David” from Lower Austria and Aich / Dob pulled away. With 25:18, the local team went in front for the first time in the final.

Aich / Dob made short work of it


 The  favorite only found its way into the game in the fourth round. At Amstetten only a few wanted to run together. Aich / Dob secured their first cup title at 25:18. Not a broken leg for Michael Henschke: “We knew that Aich / Dob was the big favorite. We wanted the TV viewers to have a good game and we did that in the first few sets. ”Aich / Dob sports director Martin Micheu also scattered Amstetten Rosen:“ You did very well. Great respect to Amstetten. We played chaos volleyball in the first few sets. ”

SK ZDARUGA AICH / DOB 3: 1 (25:27, 26:24, 25:18)

Aich / Dob: Drobnic, Miseikis, Kühl, Formela, Podlesny, Steiner, Pusnik, Ferreira, Landfahrer, Hruska, Alcantara, Krassnig, Kitzinger, Grabmüller. Trainer: Hafner.

Amstetten: Romay, Blazsovics, Zaller, Kreiner, Ichovski, Steidl, Kreuziger, Schober, Winter, Tselios, Spring, Riegler, Morgunov, Ochaya. Trainer: Henschke.

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VCA Amstetten Cup final outsiders scratched sensation


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