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After us the past Nintendo Direct presentation a look at the upcoming collaboration items for Super Mario’s 35th anniversary in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo recently added more information on the upcoming in an official Japanese blog post Version 1.8.0. We have all the details for you.

It’s-a me, Mario!

As seen in the presentation, fans of Super Mario can not only hop into the iconic dungarees or elegant princess dress, but can also transform their island into their own little mushroom kingdom, including question mark blocks, coins and more.  The  most special item is probably the Warp tube that will take you from one place to another – just like Super Mario.

Nintendo has revealed that war tubes can even be placed in houses and so can you a quick way out Offer. If your island has more than two warp tubes, your journey through the sewers ends at a random warp tube. Make sure that there is enough space, otherwise you cannot slip out of the warp tube! If you download the update to version 1.8.0, you can also click a gift from Nintendo looking forward.

New holiday items

March brings with it some exciting festive days and with it new holiday items. Traditionally, the March 3rd in Japan takes place Hina-Matsuri or a girls’ party. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is taking advantage of the occasion to add a new piece of doll furniture and bonbori lamps, which will be available at Nook Shopping from February 25th to March 3rd. On March 14th, however, the Pi-Tag for which a special π cake can be ordered from Nook Shopping from March 1 to 14. Finally we have that St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. From March 10th to 17th, various clover leaf items can be ordered from Nook Shopping. During the same period there will also be matching clothes in the tailor’s shop, so stop by Sina and Tina!

You can see pictures of the new content in March below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Games Gallery

Are you looking forward to the new content in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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Version Animal Crossing Horizons Nintendo details Mario collaboration holiday items ntower


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