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Ludwig: “Will not give way to those who want to destroy peaceful coexistence in Vienna”

Vienna (OTS / RK) In the presence of the Vienna city government, Mayor Michael Ludwig unveiled a memorial stone for the victims of the night of terror on November 2, 2020 at Desider-Friedmann-Platz today, Tuesday. © The  attack on the evening before the start of the lockdown resulted in four deaths and more than 20, some seriously injured.

Present at the ceremony were Mayor Ludwig, Deputy Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr, Deputy Mayor Kathrin Gaál, the incumbent city councilors Jürgen Czernohorszky, Peter Hacker, Peter Hanke, Veronica Kaup-Hasler and Ulli Sima as well as the non-incumbent city councilors Bernadus Kraup Arnold and Isabelle Judickel Isabelle Pühringer. © The  heads of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council, Ernst Woller and Thomas Reindl, as well as the district chairman of the inner city, Markus Figl and the district chairwoman’s deputy Lucia Grabetz also took part in the unveiling of the memorial stone in the first district.

© The  terrorist attack left a scar in our city. However, the terrible event that night also brought about great solidarity and great commitment for other people. In my opinion, this togetherness and sticking together is something typical of our city, which is particularly evident in times of crisis. This memorial stone will not only remember the victims of the attack – whose bereaved relatives I express my deepest condolences for their great loss – but will also emphasize the cooperation against terror and every form of radicalism. We won’t let the assassins and terrorists bring us to our knees – that’s one of our city’s strengths, ”said Ludwig. “Countless people expressed their solidarity and sympathy with the victims with candles, flowers and wreaths that they laid at the sites of the attack. This sympathy has been documented by the Wien Museum and the House of Austrian History as well as some artists in order to preserve the memory of the attack. On behalf of the city government, I would like to thank all the Viennese and the guests in our city for this sympathy and the solidarity in the city, ”said Mayor Ludwig.

Memorial stone made of Hartberger granite

City Councilor for Culture Kaup-Hasler presented the text “Lacrimosa for November 2, 2020”, written especially for the occasion, by the Austrian writer Monika Helfer. © The  stone unveiled by Mayor Ludwig bears the inscription “In memory of the victims of the terrorist attack of November 2, 2020” in German and English as well as the coat of arms of the city of Vienna. © The  stone consists of Hartberger granite and was made by the stonemasonry workshop Simmeringer Hauptstrasse of the Vienna cemeteries. © The  festive event was framed by a wind quartet from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, which performed two chorales by Anton Bruckner and Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Vienna mayor city government unveil memorial stone victims terrorism November #2nd PID press


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