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© The  Viennese police warn of a new scam.

© The  Viennese police warn of a new scam that is currently making the rounds on the Internet. © The  criminals – probably always the same group – have already been successful twelve times with the trick and stolen almost 19,000 euros.

With a nifty scam, fraudsters steal valuables and turn victims into contributors. © The  Viennese police warned of such crimes on Sunday. Twelve times the criminals have already been successful with their trick, three times it was just trying. © The  amount of damage is 18,720 euros, the investigators assume a higher number of unreported cases. Potential victims can report to any inspection.

Price exactly 1,560 euros

Officials from the criminal department of the Tannengasse police station clarified the actions of the fraudsters. Since January of this year, they have been looking for sales offers for mobile phones, televisions or laptops via internet platforms. A woman named “Sara” contacts the providers and always trades the price down or up to exactly 1,560 euros. Once the deal is sealed, “Sara” has the bank details for the alleged transfer of the sale price.

At the same time, the fraudsters are offering rental apartments on internet platforms under the guise of a front company called “Immobilien GmbH”. A deposit of 1,560 euros is required for the respective property. © The  perpetrators give the account number of the first injured party, the seller of the valuable item, as the account for the transfer. For “faster processing”, payment should be made without specifying a purpose.

1,560 euros as a deposit

© The  fraudsters now receive the goods from the seller, whose account has received the 1,560 euros. © The  injured party becomes ignorant of the contributor because at first glance he appears to be involved in the fraud. © The  second injured party transferred 1,560 euros for a property that did not exist.

“Make other people and those around you aware of this scam,” appealed the police. And: “Do not make transfers without a purpose.” Rentals should be viewed prior to making a payment.

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