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Since January of this year, criminals have a new scam going. So the victims are now being tricked by the bar and thread.

 The  Vienna State Police Department warns this Sunday of a new scam of bail fraud. This was recognized in the course of investigations by the crime department of the Tannengasse police station. Citizens should now exercise particular caution. This is how the scammers work:

1.560 Euro

© The  suspect searches for sales offers such as cell phones, televisions or laptops at a sales price of around 1,500 to 1,600 euros via internet platforms.

© The n a female suspect reports to the sellers under the name “Sara” and negotiates the price down or up. So far, the woman has always negotiated the sales price at exactly 1,560 euros.

© The  seller’s bank details (victim 1) are then transmitted for transferring the sales price. At the same time, the suspect is offering rental apartments under the guise of a real estate front company (“Immobilien GmbH”) on various internet platforms.

Triangle game

A deposit of 1,560 euros is required for the property. © The  bank details of the first seller (victim 1) are given as the account for the transfer. In addition, the transfer should be carried out for “faster processing” of the real estate business without a purpose.

© The  payer is the second victim. After victim 2 has paid the deposit, the suspect or an accomplice picks up the object of sale from victim 1.

Made an accomplice

© The  result of this perfidious “triangle game” can be seen for the perpetrators. © The y receive a high-priced item (cell phone, television, etc.) that they can sell AND make the original seller (victim 1), without knowing it, apparently the contributor due to the transfer of the exact deposit amount. Because the transfer is made without a purpose, victim 1 appears to be involved in the fraud at first glance.

Serial fraud

At present, twelve completions and three attempts with a damage amount of 18,720 euros have been reported in Vienna. © The  Vienna police, however, assume a higher number of unreported cases. Other victims of fraud can report to any police station. © The  investigation is proceeding swiftly.


© The  Viennese police therefore appeal to the population:

ᐅ make your fellow human beings and those around you aware of this scam.
ᐅ do not make transfers without a purpose.
ᐅ view potential rental properties before paying a deposit.
ᐅ try to memorize the appearance of the person exactly for a later person description.
ᐅ write down – if possible – the license plate number, make, type and color of a suspected perpetrator vehicle.
ᐅ report to the next police station immediately.

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Viennese police warn scam Vienna


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