VIP expulsion from “Celebrities under Palms”: Is the show developing into a disaster?


Last year the trash show “Celebrities under Palms” achieved excellent ratings – and a bullying scandal.  The  second season of the successful format is currently being shot in Thailand. Obviously there is a row again, because two VIPs are said to have been kicked out.

Dismissed “Celebrities Under Palms”: What Happened?

As “Bild” found out, ex-jungle camper Chris Töpperwien and “Love Island” hottie Henrik Stoltenberg had to leave the show involuntarily. Both were apparently involved in solid disputes with Ballermann singer Melanie Müller. What exactly happened is not yet clear. ©

 The  broadcaster has not yet confirmed the expulsions and declared: “What happens on the show will be shown by SAT.1 in the spring broadcast.”

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One production employee, however, was a little more specific to “Bild”: “What is happening there right now, on the other hand, last year’s Zoff was a fly shit.” Neither Chris Töpperwien nor Henrik Stoltenberg have commented on the incidents so far. As a replacement for the expelled VIPs, the candidates Giulia Siegel and Willi Herren, who have already retired, should be back on the show.

Candidates of the trash show "Celebrities under the palm trees" are certain: These VIPS will be there in 2021 ...

“Celebrities under palm trees” 2021: Candidates have been chosen – Georgina Fleur …

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Mobbing scandal at “Celebrities under the palm trees” 2020

Is “Celebrities under Palms” developing into another fiasco for Sat.1? Last year the broadcaster received a lot of criticism for the show. In the 2020 season, candidate Claudia Obert was bullied by her celebrity colleagues in such a way that she left the show in tears. ©

 The  voluntary self-regulation television checked the corresponding episode and prohibited further broadcasting at 8:15 p.m. ©

 The  episode was also temporarily no longer available in the “Sat.1” media library.


 The  new season could cause a TV scandal again with the disputes and the celebrity expulsions. It is not known whether and how the scenes will be broadcast.

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VIP expulsion Celebrities Palms show developing disaster


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