Virologist at “Hart but fair”: Not good conditions that we will be on vacation soon


Updated February 23, 2021, 6:20 am

  • Frank Plasberg and his guests are looking into the question of when the Germans will have a chance at the beach and the sea again. But nobody can give an answer.
  • However, the virologist Corinna Pietsch makes it clear that she considers vacation in the next few weeks to be unlikely.
  • Opinions are divided, especially on the safety of cruises.

A criticism

from Fabian Busch

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“Are they crazy?” This question surfaced on social media before the broadcast, Frank Plasberg admits on Monday evening. In the middle of lockdown he heats up the wanderlust with “Hart aber fair”: What chances are there on the beach and the sea this summer? He wants to know that from his guests. Most people currently hardly dare to plan their next vacation because of the great uncertainty in the corona crisis.


 The se are the guests

  • Corinna Pietsch: ©

     The  head of the Institute for Virology at the Leipzig University Hospital can understand the longing for travel that many people feel. However, it refers to the stagnating to increasing numbers of infections and the spread of virus mutations. “©

     The se are not good prerequisites for us to be able to go on vacation in five or six weeks.”

  • Andrea Zschocher: ©

     The  mother of three finally wants to leave again. “Vacation shame” doesn’t bother her. This is more for people who go to crowded places. ©

     The  journalist, however, prefers the lonely mountain hut.

  • Norbert Fiebig: “People want to travel,” the President of the German Travel Association is convinced. He is annoyed with the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, who had recently written off the Easter holiday. Fiebig, on the other hand, does not want to “let everything be chattered prematurely”.
  • Andreas Bovenschulte: He knows that more and more people “the ceiling falls on their heads,” says the mayor of Bremen. ©

     The  SPD politician is “hopeful” that travel will be possible again in summer. “As for Easter, there are more doubts.”

  • Manuel Andrack: ©

     The  former editor-in-chief and interlocutor of Harald Schmidt is now a travel book author and promotes his favorite way of being on the road: “©

     The  only thing that can still be made virus-compliant is: hiking, going out.”

  • Reinhold Messner: ©

     The  extreme mountaineer greets everyone – and that’s it. ©

     The  line to Bozen is obviously too long or too shaky. In any case, Messner cannot be heard and the picture in the studio frozen at some point. So Frank Plasberg says goodbye to him and lets employees take the screen out – this has never happened on the show either.

This is the speech duel of the evening


 The  discussion gets going when it comes to a form of travel that is currently particularly controversial: many people go on vacation in a confined space with cruise ships. Despite numerous cases of infection in spring 2020, Germans are currently on the ships again – because cruises are not prohibited in other countries.

Travel association president Norbert Fiebig advertises this model with passion: “In my opinion, this is a convincing concept.” Passengers were tested before and during the trip, at TUI there were only four infections out of 70,000 travelers. Fiebig is convinced: ©

 The  cruise ships of all things offer a “high level of security”.

During the rest of the round, he just shakes his head. “Especially on the cruise ships, many people meet in a confined space – and that over a long period of time,” says Virologist Pietsch. Journalist Andrea Zschocher asks incredulously whether the passengers are currently going ashore. ©

 The y do that, explains Norbert Fiebig – but they would just keep to themselves. ©

 The n the moderator also intervenes. “How is that supposed to work?” Asks Frank Plasberg.

“Let’s stop straining and problematizing this,” asks Norbert Fiebig. But the cruise vacation in the middle of the pandemic is not really convincing.

That is the moment of the evening

Another concept is a little more convincing, so to speak, the alternative to a mass excursion on the ocean liner: the vacation with your own family in the holiday apartment.

Anyway, Andrea Zschocher has a point when she says: “Parents now have to bring their children back to school, whether they want to or not. And it is not clear whether they will be infected. When I sit alone in my holiday apartment, It’s a completely different number than if I take my child to class with half the class for three, four, five weeks beforehand. “

So is the secluded stay in the holiday apartment a way out of the vacation crisis? Virologist Corinna Pietsch definitely thinks it is a better option than a cruise ship, plane trip or party vacation. “If you do it like that – the family changes location and enjoys nature – then I see it relatively uncritically.” Only politics should play along. Bremen’s Mayor Bovenschulte also thinks it is conceivable that this vacation will be allowed again in the near future – “if the infection numbers don’t go through the roof”.

That’s the result


 The  group cannot answer the initial question. At this point in time, no one can answer when we can travel again. It remains a strange show. Not only because of Reinhold Messner’s frozen face on the studio screen, but also because Plasberg and his guests have to poke through the corona fog. If the crisis has taught us anything, it must be that predictions are difficult.

However, on the day of the broadcast, of all places, schools in several federal states opened again. So there has already been a very clear relaxation in the education sector. One could have discussed this topic that evening – with a much greater reference to reality.

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