Virologist expects more than 2,000 new infections this week


However, Nowotny brings a new proposal to support industries that have been badly affected, such as the catering trade.  The  virologist could imagine an “exchange”. So that hairdressers and retailers are allowed to close and the gastronomy and hotel industry can open again.

Higher case numbers only possible with more vaccinations

Nowotny can imagine that Austria can “afford” higher numbers of infections under one circumstance. If the age group over 65 is vaccinated, says the virologist, daily new infections of over 3,000 would be “no problem”. Because the vaccinated population in the high-risk group would not burden the health system as much.

However, until enough vaccine is available in Austria to vaccinate the group from 65 years of age, one has to “muddle through”.

Revive the corona traffic light?

Another suggestion from the virologist would be to breathe life back into the corona traffic light. Because as you can currently see, some districts are more affected than others. © The  city of Rust in Burgenland, for example, has not had a single new infection in the past seven days, but lives under almost the same restrictions as the rest of Austria.

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Virologist expects infections week


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