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First the good news: the virus variant detected in South Africa has so far been kept in check in the Schwaz district. A week ago 142 people with this mutant were actively positive, on Monday there were only 109 – more on that in Tyrolean infection numbers continue to decline.

 The  mutation does not spread exponentially, said Health Councilor Bernhard Tilg (ÖVP) in a statement. And this was also confirmed by the virologist Dorothee Von Laer, who pointed out the situation in the Schwaz district in early February. Numerous measures were the result, including a partitioning off of Tyrol – more on this in the Federal Government speaks out travel warning for Tyrol.

Consignment notice

Dorothee Von Laer will also comment on the special situation in the Schwaz district on the ORF program “Report” today. May 21, ORF 2

Praise from the virologist for all “involved”


 The  spread of the British virus variant, which is particularly rampant in eastern Austria, could no longer be contained, said Dorothee von Laer in an interview with the ORF television program “Report”. ©

 The  South African variant, most of which is found in the Schwaz district with the Zillertal, does, however. ©

 The  mass tests in the district, which are still offered by the state, would allow a picture. Even if Von Laer would like more people to be tested. ©

 The re is praise for the measures taken: “©

 The  measures are massive. Contact tracing in particular for people infected with the South African variant is extremely quick and efficient. ©

 The  many tests that were carried out in the Schwaz district also helped prevent the mutant from spreading any further. So kudos to everyone involved, but unfortunately the mutant is still there. “

Vaccination with mRNA vaccines

Von Laer advises regular vaccination in the Schwaz district in order to build up protection: “You could try to seal off the Schwaz district with a kind of” vaccination belt “by carrying out an intensified vaccination campaign there, with a vaccine that you hope will work could, namely with an mRNA vaccine. I think that should be discussed. But that is a political question. As a virologist, I can express my visions, I don’t know whether this is feasible. ”

Even those who have already suffered Covid disease with the original variant are not immune to the South African mutant, as cases in Tyrol have shown – more on this in six cases of second infection. ©

 The re are currently indications in science that mRNA vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna, for example, are more effective against the South African mutant, says Von Laer. ©

 The re is hope that studies on this would still be “completely missing”.

Von Laer suggests a study in the Schwaz district

As a virologist, Von Laer would also be interested in whether there is already close to herd immunity in the Schwaz district: “It would be interesting to see how high the level of infection is in the Schwaz district. Perhaps, together with people who have been vaccinated, we will achieve a somewhat higher immunity against the South African variant. ”


 The  Virology Department at MedUni Innsbruck has already carried out such a study for Ischgl. Herd immunity already exists there – more on this in Ischgl: 42.4 percent have antibodies. Last week, the MedUni then presented another study. One examined again in Ischgl how long the immunity lasts after the CoV disease – more on this in Ischgl: Antibodies only slightly decreased.

Mass tests in the Schwaz district extended

In the last two weeks, around 30,000 CoV tests have been carried out in the Schwaz district. ©

 The  mass tests, which were originally scheduled to run until February 21, have been extended. It is hoped that more people from the affected areas, for example in the Zillertal, will be voluntarily tested – more on this in Little Willing to Test in the Schwaz District.

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Virologist bar vaccination Schwaz district


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