Vitamin Well, the nutrient-rich soft drink with that certain something


A modern, healthier and tasty alternative to lemonades and sugary juices – all that was missing from the founders of Vitamin Well 2008 on the Swedish beverage market. So in 2008 they decided without further ado to create their very own functional drink: a drink that tastes just as good, but contains a lot of nutrients and little sugar. A drink they would drink and love themselves. On the basis of established scientific studies and under specialist supervision, they developed a functional, healthy and delicious thirst quencher. And it turns out that not only the Swedes have missed a healthy alternative on the drinks shelf: meanwhile, is Vitamin Well sold internationally and is indispensable.  The  Swedish vitamin drinks are enriched with a variety of vitamins, minerals as well as fruit and plant extracts and are only sweetened with fructose. No wonder that the drinks from Vitamin Well with a nutritional function as a delicious, nutrient-rich and low-sugar soft drink are now delighting all of Germany. Convince yourself of the thirst quenchers and visit the website …

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Vitamin nutrientrich soft drink


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