Vodafone: New IoT tariffs and Disney children’s smartwatch launch


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At the end of 2020, Vodafone presented the Neo Smart Kids Watch, a smartwatch especially for children from the company’s IoT department in cooperation with Disney. Appropriate data tariffs and a price have so far been missing, however, at the start of the smartwatch in early March, Vodafone is now announcing both.

Accordingly, the recommended retail price for the Neo Smart Kids Watch with Disney motifs, which can be ordered from Vodafone directly and from Amazon * in the colors mint and ocean, is 199.90 euros. It is available from Amazon as an introductory offer for 169 euros *. Delivery is scheduled to start on March 3rd. © www.de24.news The ir use is linked to the new Smart Tech M data tariff from Vodafone via the integrated SIM card, another SIM card or tariff cannot be used.

Three IoT tariffs with inclusive volume

At the start of the smartwatch, Vodafone is therefore also announcing the price structure for the new IoT tariffs. Accordingly, customers can choose from the three different tariffs Smart Tech S, Smart Tech M and Smart Tech L, which are aimed at different device classes. © www.de24.news The  tariffs can be used throughout the EU and differ on the one hand in the volume of data they contain and on the other hand in the inclusive service for voice.

From 500 MB to 20 GB

Smart Tech S is to be used with GPS trackers that regularly transmit their location via a data connection. 500 MB per month are available for this in the lowest tariff. With a term of 24 months it costs 1.99 euros per month. Smart Tech M, which Vodafone has designed for smartwatches that are suitable for their own phone number, on the other hand, offers 3 GB of inclusive volume, 500 inclusive minutes for calls and 100 inclusive SMS. With a 24-month term, the tariff costs 5.99 euros per month. However, this tariff is not suitable for the Apple Watch, as a multi-SIM must be used with it and not a SIM with its own phone number. With the Smart Tech L tariff, on the other hand, Vodafone offers 20 GB of data and no telephony services included for 9.99 euros per month with a 24-month term. Vodafone sees the use of the largest tariff for video cameras with SIM cards.

Vodafone's Smart Tech tariffs at a glance
Vodafone’s Smart Tech tariffs at a glance (Image: Vodafone)

1 euro surcharge for monthly term

For customers who do not want a term of 24 months, the monthly amount increases by 1 euro. © www.de24.news The  new Smart Tech tariffs can be purchased in all Vodafone shops and specialist retailers after the retail trade has reopened.

Disney-Smartwatch im Bundle mit Smart Tech M

In addition to the Neo-Smartwatch for 169 euros, 5.99 or 6.99 euros per month are added to the data tariff. © www.de24.news The  watch can also be ordered directly with the Smart Tech M and a term of 24 months. It then costs 299 euros on a regular basis, so the bundle is around 44 euros cheaper than buying it separately, at the start this offer is available on Amazon for 249 euros *.

After the retail trade has reopened, the Neo Kids Smart Watch can also be purchased in all Vodafone shops together with the Smart Tech M for EUR 12.99 per month (duration 24 months) and a one-off price of EUR 29.90.

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Vodafone IoT tariffs Disney childrens smartwatch launch


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