Watch Dogs: Legion: Online mode coming in March


 The re’s good news for social hackers: After the online multiplayer updates of the action adventure Watch Dogs: Legion (from 34,94€ at buy) was postponed in December for the time being, according to, Ubisoft has now announced a specific date: According to current planning, it should be on Tuesday, March 9th.
Originally, the multiplayer mode (co-op open world, co-op missions, PvP in the Spiderbot Arena) should already be available as part of a free update for all players from December 3, 2020. ©

 The  reason for the postponement was that technical problems with the single player mode first had to be resolved. ©

 The  press release that came in shortly after this news was published explains:

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode will offer the following content:

– Freeroam Open-World Gameplay: Up to four players: inside a team and explore London together, experience city events, challenges and side activities.
– Co-op missions for 2 to 4 players with new co-op gameplay mechanics and the ability to recruit the perfect team to lead the resistance to success.
– “Leader of the Pack”, the first tactical op for four players, requires teamwork and efficiency. Five interconnected narrative missions form endgame content and a special challenge. ©

 The  right team with the right strategy, communication and fully developed gadgets is the key to success.

 The  first PvP mode – Spiderbot Arena – offers intense deathmatches with Spiderbots armed to the teeth.

Every participation in online activities gives XP to advance ranks and thereby earn numerous rewards such as exclusive cosmetic items and influence points with which new team members and upgrades can be unlocked.

Season Pass holders: On March 9th, they will have access to two new single player missions:

Guardian Protocol:

– DedSec is chasing an algorithm that would enable an artificial intelligence to override human decisions. Without DedSec, this technology could lead to heavily armed drones and thus fully automatic killing machines.

Not in Our Name:

– A mysterious group not only steals DedSec’s name, but also information that a nefarious gossip press owner uses to extort himself.

As part of the Watch Dogs: Legion post-launch plan, all players will have access to free updates, PvP modes, new co-op missions, and new characters. ©

 The  Season Pass also gives access to extra missions, the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline expansion, new playable characters such as Mina, who is mind-controlled from some dubious experiments, Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order, Aiden Pearce and Wrench from Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. ©

 The  Season Pass for Watch Dogs: Legion is part of the Gold, Ultimate and Collector’s Editions of the game. ”

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Watch Dogs Legion Online mode coming March


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