We children from Bahnhof Zoo overshot our goal


What Euphoria is for the USA, we children from Bahnhof Zoo should become for Germany.  The  new Amazon series picks up on the familiar true story about Christiane F. and their friends who fell into drug addiction in West Berlin in the 1970s and some of them died from it.

After the great first film adaptation in 1981, the Amazon series now even has almost 8 hours to transform the material into an experience that is as thrilling as it is shocking. Unfortunately, with their constant will to style, those responsible overshoot the mark so much that we children from Bahnhof Zoo glorifying rather than deterring works.

We children from Bahnhof Zoo wallow in stylish party and drug excesses

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 The  makers mainly use the long time in the series format to give the young people more depth and to describe their family backgrounds in great detail. Unfortunately, Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo is particularly effective in the first few episodes like a glossy soap from the TV evening program that takes place in the 70s.

Here you can watch a trailer for We Children from Zoo Station!

We children from Bahnhof Zoo – S01 Trailer 2 (German) HD


In order to compensate for the upright soap factor and to avoid a drug GZSZ, those responsible behind the camera give everything when it comes to parties and drugs. With stylish pictures and modern pop musicwhich deliberately does not fit the older setting, sometimes reminds We Children of Zoo Station of the intoxicating excesses of US role models such as Spring Breakers & Co.

In a scene in which the clique is celebrating in their regular disco sound, it even becomes so surreal that the partying suddenly begins to float and dance on in the air. But what is missing is the feeling after the intoxication. © www.de24.news

 The  rude awakening or the bad morning after, which is neglected in the Amazon series.

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 The  coolness of Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo forgets the most important part of the story

That the main characters in the series no later than halfway through the episodes slipped into a serious addiction What other problems like prostitution to get drugs brings with it happens almost on the side.

With the stylish assemblies, the makers prefer to celebrate the excess to which always a suitable, catchy song is recorded. In their cool outfits and with fresh make-up, the characters cover up the ugliest abysses of addiction.

We children from Bahnhof Zoo

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 The  worst scenes show Christiane and her clique at most as if they had partied an hour or two too long and slept too little. In interviews like with TV wish list the screenwriter Annette Hess speaks about the fact that we children from Bahnhof Zoo should not become educational television like from school lessons. Drug addiction should be portrayed as appealing as it is repulsive.

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 The se narrow balancing act in the Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo series, however, tilts far too much in one direction. © www.de24.news

 The  real deaths behind the role models of the characters are not swept under the carpet and here too, tragic deaths occur in the last few episodes at the latest.

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 The se death scenes seem too casual, as if death were after the agonizing addiction just a quick side note. Of course, it would have had a bland aftertaste if the creators of the series had also kicked the characters’ deaths as stylishly and extensively as possible.

So the horror of drug addiction fades but next to all the pictures and scenes in which Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo indulges in the euphoria of intoxication and thus simply feels wrong.

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Have you already seen We Children from Bahnhof Zoo? How do you like the series?

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children Bahnhof Zoo overshot goal


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