Weather: At the weekend up to 20 degrees – and so it goes on


Panorama Spring temperatures

At the weekend up to 20 degrees – and so it goes on

Spring weather beckons with up to 20 degrees

After the minus degrees in the last few weeks, the first weekend of spring is here. Temperatures of up to 20 degrees are expected in the next few days. And that’s how it should stay for now.

Germany was just snowed in, and temperatures are already skyrocketing: spring-like values ​​are expected in the coming days.

 The  German Weather Service calls it “unusually warm”.

Wpoor, lots of sun and few clouds – that’s how it looks weekend in large parts of Germany. Germany is under the influence of high pressure. ©

 The  air from the southwest is very mild, as reported by the German Weather Service.

February makes a U-turn by 180 degrees and mutates into the ultimate spring month. It will be significantly warmer in the coming days. ©

 The  maximum values ​​are everywhere over 10, even over 15 degrees.

Occasionally, 20, 21 or 22 degrees are also possible, ”says meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service.

High temperatures also next week

Sunday continues the Saturday trend and will be similarly sunny and cloud-free. ©

 The  temperatures climb back to spring-like 13 to 18 degrees, on the northern edges of the western low mountain range to just under 20 degrees. ©

 The re is a weak, in the west and in the Upper Lusatia moderate and partly gusty south to south-east wind.

In the Night to monday in the far west a few cloud fields, in the south and south-east partial fog and high fog, otherwise it is mostly clear and free of precipitation. ©

 The  lowest values ​​are between 8 and 0 degrees, in the south and southeast to -3 degrees.


 The  weather will hold up in the coming week. At the Monday it is also widespread sunny and dry with maximum values ​​of 12 to 17 degrees, in North Rhine-Westphalia locally up to 20 degrees. Only on the coasts it is only 9 degrees.

Am Tuesday it gets more cloudy in the middle and in the north, but it is still very mild to unusually mild with maximum values ​​between 11 and 18 degrees, a little cooler at the sea.

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