Weather Germany / NRW: Outlook for the week – is the snow melting?


Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia are currently shivering with double-digit freezing temperatures and sometimes meter-high snow. But how long will the winter weather last?

 The  weather forecast for the coming week.

Germany / NRW – Radiant sunshine, glittering snow and bitterly cold Temperatures – the Weather in Germany and NRW shows itself from its most beautiful winter side on Saturday (February 13th) and Sunday (February 14th). What an absolute one for some Dream weather means is a horror for the others. But how long does it stay snow in Germany and NRW lying down at all and when will it get warmer again?

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Weather in Germany and NRW at the weekend: snow, sunshine and minus temperatures

Happy children’s eyes at Sledding, long walks in the snow, but also unusual trains, numerous Accidents and mortal danger for the homeless due to low temperatures and ground frost. Of the Winter has many faces – and last week it caused quite a lot of snow chaos in NRW and Germany.

One person’s joy is another’s pain – but how long does it stay? snow still lying? And how long do people have to be out NRW still with double digits Sub-zero temperatures shiver © The  fact is: who the snow loves, should take advantage of it this weekend – because in the coming week the motto is in North Rhine-Westphalia and all of Germany rather “spring feelings“Instead of” Winter Wonderland “.

Weather forecast: This is how the temperatures in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia will be in the next seven days

According to the experts at Germans Weather service (DWD) should Temperatures only fall into the double-digit minus range on Saturday (February 13th), on Sunday (February 14th) the experts even give up prospects Plusgrade.


 The  Maximum values should be on Sunday (February 14th) between minus two degrees in East Westphalia and plus four degrees im Rheinland be. Compared to the Temperatures In the past few days it sounds almost like springtime (more news about the weather and climate on

Weather and temperatures in Germany and NRW next week: When will the snow melt?

Snowfall according to the prediction of the DWD In the coming days there will also not be any more – instead, it will rain on Monday (February 15). Only in East Westphalia and in Bergland the rain can partly still as Sleet come from heaven and make the roads smooth again. Particular caution is therefore required there.


 The  Maximum temperatures should be on Monday (February 15th) between zero degrees in East Westphalia and in the mountains as well as up to eight degrees on the western side of the Rhine – and then climb higher and higher in the coming days. Plus degrees and rainfalls – the calculation is simple – mean: thaw – from Monday (February 15th) the snow so slowly but surely, begin to melt.

Mild temperatures, no snow and thaw in the coming week in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia

Over the coming week they will climb Temperatures then further and further up on the thermometer: On Tuesday (February 16), Maximum temperatures expected between five and ten degrees.

On the night of Wednesday (February 17), in NRW also for a long time no at night Temperatures more under null City can be achieved. Of the DWD therefore, from Wednesday (February 17) “expects a gradual increase in the northeast as well Defrost the snow cover “.

Mild spring weather should move into Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia by Wednesday (February 17) at the latest.

© Patrick Seeger / dpa

But that’s not all: towards the end of the coming week it can be mild Temperatures and sunshine even really spring-like. On Saturday (February 20) and Sunday (February 21), the experts at DWD in the west with a mild plus of 13 degrees in the Rhineland, on the Lower Rhine and in the Ruhr area.

For comparison: a week earlier, on Saturday (February 13th) they were Temperatures in NRW still in the double-digit minus range. What a tremendous one Temperature increase!

Snow in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia: Only this weekend is winter weather announced

For snow and winter lovers, they mean Weather outlook to the coming week in Germany and NRW So: This weekend (February 13th and 14th) should be Winter weather in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia are again heavily exploited. Whether tobogganing, hiking, building a snowman or a snowball fight – the snow luckily despite Lockdown (all news about the coronavirus in NRW in the live ticker of can be fully enjoyed.

And who under that Snow chaos suffers, but can be happy: Only a few more days of slippery roads and dangerous temperatures – and from the middle of the coming week he’ll be watching spring around the corner and brings back a bit of normalcy NRW.

Header list image: © Markku Ulander / dpa

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