Weather in Germany: A sharp change is imminent – the expert warns urgently


In Germany, a change of weather is announced.

© Gregor Fischer / dpa

Double-digit minus degrees, a blanket of snow all over the country:  The  weather in Germany has recently shown its wintry side – but that could soon be over.

Munich – For days there has been an “ice age” in Germany. ©

 The re was permafrost in the whole country, especially at night the temperatures dropped to minus 20 degrees. ©

 The  weekend then gave many the perfect “winter wonderland”. ©

 The  sun was shining in Munich too, and many people were drawn to the outdoors. But how long will the winter weather last? This will probably be over by next week.

Weather in Germany: radical change – dangerous freezing rain is coming

Like graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung von explains, a new weather front will move to Germany as early as Monday morning, which is tough. ©

 The n “freezing rain” comes from the west to the middle of the country, the temperatures rise significantly everywhere.

A similar picture emerges in and around Munich *, although the impending freezing rain is not to be expected here until Tuesday. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for motorists, as roads then turn into real sliding slopes. ©

 The  freezing cold stays in the Isar metropolis for one night, but temperatures rise rapidly at the beginning of the week. During the nights, the website’s forecasts decrease According to the temperatures no longer below zero degrees. But especially during the day, you can expect almost spring-like values ​​in Munich. For next Thursday, February 18, one currently expects up to 13 degrees – plus mind you. This would be an increase of up to 20 degrees compared to the previous week – if you look at the peak values ​​during the day of minus eight degrees in and around Munich.

Weather: Radical rise in temperature to be expected – but initially the DWD warns

As the Jung further explains, significantly milder temperatures are expected throughout Germany for the coming weekend. Especially in the southwest, with a forecast of 15 degrees, you can undoubtedly speak of a first spring breeze. Until then, the German Weather Service has issued official weather warnings for the whole of Bavaria and large parts of Germany on Sunday evening. Frost occurs between -10 ° C and -15 ° C. In valleys and basins, temperatures drop to temperatures as low as -20 ° C. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network


 The  German Weather Service warns of severe frost.

© Screenshot: German Weather Service

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Weather Germany sharp change imminent expert warns urgently


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