Weather in Germany: record winter turns full – temperature records pulverized


 The  weather in winter in Germany breaks several records. Now there are new temperature records.

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  • Forecast *: Record winter sets some records.
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Update from Tuesday, 02/23/2021: Of the Winter 2020/21 is coming to an end and is still on a record course. This confirms the Long-term forecast for the Weather in Germany from the American and European weather service, which launched a Rekordwinter have forecast (see initial report). Especially the February gets to many people because of it Extreme keep in remembrance.

During the first half of the month freezing cold, ice, Frost and snow determined the weather, they jumped Temperatures in the second half and set an age-old record. On Monday (February 22nd, 2021), Hamburg cracked the top mark with 21.1 degrees according to the German Weather Service in Offenbach *. “What a blatant one Temperaturrekord in Germany. 21.1 degrees in the middle of February and then also in the far north Hamburg. That was really a surprise. To this extent it was not expected. ©

 The  old record was in the range of 18 degrees. It was literally pulverized. It had never been so warm in a February in the north for 130 years, ”explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung.


 The  winter in Germany is still on a record course. After this December and January February will also be clearly too mild, although it didn’t look like it for a long time. “February 2021 is a Extremmonat as you seldom experience it. ©

 The  first half was the Ice Age. ©

 The  month was almost 3 degrees colder than the climate mean until February 15th. Now it will end up 1 degree too warm. What a crazy one Weather change. ©

 The  winter had its great opportunity in February, but only made rudimentary use of it. A week of cold and lots of snow – that was practically winter 2020/21, ”summarizes Jung.

Weather in Germany: an overview of heat records from past winters

Warmest winters Average temperature compared to the climate mean
2007 4.4 Grad
2020 4.2 Grad
1975 3.6 Grad
1990 3.6 Grad
2016 3.6 degrees (source: Kachelmannwetter)

Weather in Germany: How intense is winter really?

Update from Tuesday, February 9th, 2021: Is the current one Winter an extremely cold one, or is this just deceptive, and a warm one Rekordwinter is looming? In spite of extreme borderline weather conditions with temperature drop and Frost shock speaks the statistics for Weather in Germany a clear language. “You read a lot about this winter these days. ©

 The re is a persistent rumor: We have a cold winter, ”explains the qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung. But the facts speak another language.

Because the first two winter months were clearly too warm. Of the December was 2.3 degrees above that Climate change, of the January 1.1 degrees Celsius *. Even February is currently (as of February 8, 2021) 0.8 degrees above the climate mean. This value is likely to slide into the red in the coming days, but an end to the cold spell is already in sight. “How one can come to the conclusion that winter is ‘particularly cold’ is more than a mystery. It is a fairy tale to say that this winter is cold, ”emphasizes Jung.


 The  weather in winter in Germany sets many a record (symbol picture).

© Christophe Gateau / dpa

Weather in Germany: record winter looming: expert makes “shock prognosis”

Update from Thursday, January 28th, 2021: Of the Winter in Germany is there – but despite snowflakes in the Low mountain ranges he is still heading for a sad record. Looking back at the weather in December and the Forecasts For January and February It quickly becomes clear that there will be another one in 2020/21 Rekordwinter gives. One expert even speaks of one “Shock prognosis” for winter friends.

Weather in Germany: record winter inevitable – expert: “shock forecast”

Many people will Weather im December seemed quite cold, but that is deceptive. This is also because the past winter in Germany was the second warmest winter since 1881. When looking at the Temperature cut but it quickly becomes clear that the December turned out to be quite mild. ©

 The  first meteorological month of winter was noisy German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach around 2.3 degrees warmer than the long-term climate mean.

Winter weather in Germany: an overview of the cold records

Coldest winters Average temperature compared to the climate mean
1963 -5.5 Grad
1940 -5 Grad
1929t -4.9 Grad
1947 -4.5 Grad
1942 -3.9 degrees (source: Kachelmannwetter)

“In advance, an icy December had been announced on some weather sites, the reason being the weather phenomenon ©

 The  girl. We had already criticized that back then. Rightly, as you can see today. ©

 The re was in this one Winter so far not a single day of permafrost in the lower areas. Compared with the climate mean for the years 1961 to 1990, even that is January 2021 started 1.5 degrees too warm, ”explains meteorologist Dominik Jung. Based on the data of the Long-term forecasts of the American and European weather services, he had predicted a mild, record-breaking winter early on. He also spoke of one “Shock prognosis” for winter friends (see first report). Because snow there should hardly be any deep in the valley.

Weather in Germany: will the winter remain mild? Forecast for January and February

When looking at the long-term forecasts for the weather in January and February in Germany there is still no good news for winter lovers. Because both months should be too mild. Of the American weather service expects, for example, that the January is around two degrees Celsius too warm, February should be loud European weather service can even be up to three degrees milder. “A long winter is still not in sight. For most of them, permafrost and real winter weather cannot establish themselves. ©

 The  classic bad weather remains, ”says Jung. This trend also confirms the forecast for the weather in Germany in 2021. This is also on record course.

Little snowmen are slowly melting: ©

 The  weather in winter in Germany is too mild (symbol picture).

© Matthias Bein / dpa

First report from Monday October 26th, 2020: Offenbach – ©

 The  year is slowly coming to an end and many people are wondering: How will it be Winter 2020/2021 in Germany? He brings us Snowfall or just rain and mud? According to a weather expert, Germany threatens a winter with record temperatures. In this context he even speaks of one “Shock prognosis”.

Record winter in Germany? Weather expert makes “shock forecast”

This forecast for the coming Winter in Germany comes as a surprise. Because only recently the European and American weather service corrected their forecast and gave hope to winter fans. Accordingly, the winter in Germany should be significantly cooler than initially assumed. Some weather experts had even speculated that the weather phenomenon “La Niña” would bring a winter of the century. Yet that was with a view to that Long-term forecasts rather unlikely.

Now comes the surprising one turn when forecasting the weather in winter 2020/2021 in Germany. “©

 The  winter of 2020/2021 could another record winter become “, explains Diplom-Meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service “Q.met” opposite the weather portal “” with a view of the current Forecasts.

Especially the weather in January 2021 causes him great concern, but also the temperatures in the December 2020 bring for Winter friends no good news. According to the long-term forecast of the American weather service by two degrees Celsius turn out to be milder than im Climate change. “All leading weather models assume a mild start to December. ©

 The  monthly forecasts from German weather service, from European weather service and from the US Weather Service NOAA all see a warm December and very mild winter 2020/21. ©

 The re are no signs of an icy winter. On the contrary, ”says Jung.


 The  winter of 2020/21 can probably be buried. With the weather in Germany, the chances of snow are very poor (symbol picture).

© Elise Amendola / dpa

Winter in Germany: Expert with extreme weather forecast for 2021

It falls even more extreme forecast for the January 2021. “Winter friends have to take a deep breath, because see the numbers shocking off, ”says Jung. January should 3 Degrees Celsius turn out warmer than im Climate change. It is usually the coldest winter month in Germanyin which the Weather from bitter cold and freezing temperatures is dominated. ©

 The y usually come out Eastern Europe, but there the Lange looks even more dramatic than in Germany: January should even be up to five degrees Celsius turn out warmer than the climate mean.

Weather: Without the cold in Siberia, it will be difficult for the winter in Germany

For cold weather in Winter in Germany currently does not speak anything. That is also due to Weather in Siberia. It was warmer there than ever since the weather records began. “That is damn dangerous because it is now thawing Permafrostboden massively and with serious consequences for the global climate. methane is released during the thawing process and drives the Global warming even faster. It evolves into a climate catastrophe in silence, apart from the dominant topic Corona“Explains Jung. Without icy weather in Siberia, the chances melt away snow and ice in Germany there.

“When it gets so warm in Eastern Europe, it will be short for winter in Germany. He could actually be one Winter of the century but from a positive point of view with warm temperatures“, So young. Also in February the picture looks similar. the weather will two degrees warmer than in the middle of the climatel, winter is heading for a new one Record to.

Winter weather in Germany: “We will not experience a real winter”


 The  forecast fits very well with current developments. ©

 The  Temperatures around 6 degrees above that Climate change, In Siberia we had record values ​​of 36 degrees Celsius in June, ”says Jung Long-term forecast on. ©

 The  chances of a lot snow are negligibly small, because also with Precipitation the forecast shows a clear picture: ©

 The  Winter in Germany gets neither too wet nor too dry. “We won’t experience a real winter with snow and ice like this,” says Jung. That is one “Shock prognosis” For Germany. (Christian incense)

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Weather Germany record winter turns full temperature records pulverized


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