Weather in Germany: Sahara dust on the march – mild air brings increased pollen count


Sunny weather and temperatures of up to 20 degrees – that’s what Germany expects. Meteorologists blame the Sahara wind. More information in the news ticker.

  •  The  Weather in Germany becomes spring-like and sunny.
  • According to meteorologists, in Germany the first Spring days before – Wind currents drive away the winter cold.
  • Subtropical warm air From Africa, Sahara sand swirls all the way to Germany and takes care of a Weather phenomenon.

+++ 9:28 pm: Many people suffer from pollen allergies. Those affected often complain of constant sneezing and a runny nose. In the coming days this will crank up mildly Weather and the sun pollen in Germany an.

Especially in the lowlands, increased hazel pollen count must be expected during dry phases. For the flight of alders there is even an increased burden, like reported. © The  first elms, willows and poplars are also slowly beginning to bloom.

Weather in Germany: It remains sunny and warm

Update from Monday, February 22nd, 2021, 1:50 p.m .: At the weekend, people could already participate in the warm weather delight. ©

 The  temperatures remain spring-like this week as well. It comes in many places Sun out. ©

 The  mild air comes up with a high Germanythat has its focus on Southeast Europe. ©

 The  warm wind can too Sahara-Sand bring along (see update from 02/21/2021, 11.12 a.m.).

Attention, pollen count! A higher pollen load must be expected in the near future. (Symbol image)

© Angelika Warmuth / dpa

In the morning and on Tuesday night you have to go with light frost be expected. This reports the German Weather Service (DWD). In addition, thick fog fields can occasionally appear. Precipitation is not to be expected. ©

 The  Maximum values on Monday are in Germany according to the DWD 12 and 20 degrees. At night it can come to freezing temperatures in some areas (southern Bavaria).

That remains Weather sunny? That’s how it goes with the Temperatures in Germany according to Wetteronline in the next few days further:

weekday Weather forecast
Tuesday (23.02.2021) 14 to 19 degrees
Wednesday (02/24/2021) 16 to 20 degrees
Thursday (25.02.2021) 14 to 19 degrees

Weather in Germany: Meteorologists expect weather phenomena

Update from Sunday, 02/21/2021, 11.12 a.m .: Warm winds coming from the south bring us spring-like temperatures and sunny ones Weather. In some areas of Germany even the 20 degree mark is cracked. But the hot wind currents also swirl fine Sand from the desert the Sahara, which then moves across the Mediterranean to us in Europe.

According to one Weather report of Weather-Channels will the Saharastaub Expected at the beginning of next week, but should disappear again relatively quickly. ©

 The  dust cloud is even visible to the naked eye from Monday (02/22/2021) to Tuesday (02/23/2021) and in large parts from Germany one could then observe a yellowish glowing sky. Reddish traces of the sand on windows and windshields are also possible.

Due to a high concentration of dust are also negative health consequences possible. People with asthma or a pollen allergy are particularly affected. Due to the high temperatures and the beautiful weather, the Pollen count, which in addition to the Desert sand could put extreme stress on the mucous membranes. ©

 The  rare one Weather phenomenon care in Germany* also lead to a deterioration in air quality. That’s how it should be Weather in Germany according to in the coming days:

Sunday, 02/21/2021: 8 to 20 degrees, bright sunshine
Monday, February 22nd, 2021: 9 to 19 degrees, sunny after individual fog fields
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021: 12 to 20 degrees, bright sunshine

Weather in Germany: It is getting warm like spring – experts expect Saharan dust over parts of Germany, which can turn the sky yellow to reddish. (Symbol image)

© Arnulf Hettrich /

Weather in Germany: Warm wind currents bring spring-like temperatures

Update from Friday, February 19, 2021, 5:03 p.m .: A week ago was in many parts of Germany everything is still white and wintry – but now we are facing spring-like temperatures next weekend. With this one Weather change the wind plays a crucial role.


 The  winter jackets can first be put back in the closet: Wind currents up to strength 4 coming from the south drive away the cold and bring double-digit temperatures and beautiful things Weather with himself. Especially in North Rhine-Westphalia and the center of Germany In many places it can even be up to 20 Grad to warm up. ©

 The re is increased local fog, but in many regions the sun shines during the day.

Weather in Germany: Spring is just around the corner – Strong temperature rise expected

+++ 4.42 p.m .: “Thawing after the icy February cold Germany gradually on. Of the spring will be giving its first guest appearance in 2021. From the last weekend to the upcoming one we have to deal with a temperature jump of 34 degrees. That is very remarkable, “says Alban Burster, meteorologist at On Friday (February 19th, 2021) up to seven can already be in the middle of Germany Hours of sunshine can be achieved.


 The  cause of the spring-Early starts is according to meteorologists subtropical warm air, which in a corridor between two high pressure areas over Eastern and Southern Europe and a strong low pressure area over the Atlantic Ocean unhindered Germany can flow.

By the sudden Temperature rise the vegetation literally explodes – much to the suffering of many Allergy sufferers. An increased exposure to alder pollen must already be expected. Hazel pollen are also already on the way. At the predicted 20 degrees and springtime Weather According to meteorologists, the load will continue to increase.

All of Germany expects sunshine in the coming days. ©

 The  temperatures will be significantly milder. (Symbol image)

© Patrick Pleul / dpa

Weather in Germany: Extreme weather change is imminent

First report from Thursday, February 18, 2021, 8.51 a.m .: Kassel – sub-zero temperatures, frost and smoothness: in February large parts are in Germany sunk in the snow. That caused chaos on the streets, local public transport in Kassel was completely silent for a few days. Now, however, stands a more extreme Weather change before.

Of the spring starts in mid-February in a flash. Like the weather portal reported, expected Germany in the coming days until the weekend bright sunshine and mild temperatures.

Weather in Germany: Spring temperatures to be expected

“Such a sharp change in weather Even as a meteorologist you rarely experience it. February 2021 is now tilting completely in the other direction. After being extremely cold, now comes extremely warm, ”Dominik Jung, a qualified meteorologist, expects A real spring high should build up from the weekend.


 The  springtime Weather from the west also prevails in the northern and eastern parts of the country. In some regions, such as the Rhine, even just under 20 degrees are possible on Sunday. In the Sun According to the weather expert, it should feel even warmer. “So you can take the T-shirt out and the grill you can definitely get ready to go ”, explains Jung.

Weather in Germany: In some regions it can still be slippery

“I dare forecastthat the month could even be a bit too mild in the end, because we are now expecting several days with extremely high values ​​in a row. Who would have thought that a week ago? ”Said the expert. Until the weekend should Germany so be mostly snow-free.

Weather at the weekend in Germany
Friday (February 19th, 2021) 7 to 13 degrees, mix of sun and clouds
Saturday (02/20/2021) 8 to 17 degrees, mostly friendly and dry
Sunday (02/21/2021) 12 to 20 degrees, lots of sunshine and very warm

Nevertheless, caution is still required. According to information from still with Frost to be expected – especially in the clear nights on Thursday (02/18/2021), Saturday (02/20/2021) and Sunday (02/21/2021). That being said, they stay during the day mild Temperatures received by the beginning of next week.

Only at the end of the month could the weather in Germany * become cooler and more changeable again. Dominik Jung comes to a similar prognosis: “It stays extremely warm for at least seven days, after which it just gets a little cooler. A March winter but is not in sight for now. ”So there shouldn’t be an extreme onset of winter until the beginning of March. ©

 The  weather should also improve in Hesse and Lower Saxony. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) the temperatures should rise to up to 12 degrees depending on the location. (cheese) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Angelika Warmuth / dpa

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Weather Germany Sahara dust march mild air brings increased pollen count


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