Weather in Germany: unsettling forecast – weather phenomena are troubling the sun


 The  weather in Germany is extremely mild. But a weather phenomenon tarnishes the joy in some regions.

  • Winter * ends with spring-like temperatures.
  • However, the mild weather * has consequences: A weather phenomenon is imminent.
  • News about the weather Germany: All information about forecasts on our topic page.

Update from Monday, February 22nd, 2021: Of the Winter in Germany shows its beautiful side and resonates with you spring-like temperatures out. In places the temperatures climbed up to 20 degrees Celsius – there is no end in sight for now. But one Weather phenomenon clouds the joy in some regions and makes it the Extremely heavy sunto get through.

Because that Heat egg hat Saharastaub out North africa in the luggage. Very thin clouds form on the dust particles, which cloud the sun and cause temperatures to drop again in some regions. © The  west of Germany is particularly affected. “If you find some sand on your car paint in the coming days, you shouldn’t be surprised. That is the Sahara sand or its sand particles. This makes the west particularly cloudy. ©

 The  Sun it is harder and therefore it can stay a little fresher there Otherwise it will take time springweather unabated. From Friday it will be a little cooler, but with 8 to 15 degrees it remains far too warm for the time of year, ”explains Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal

Weather in Germany: According to experts, the dust creates a yellow to red sky. (Symbol image)

© Arnulf Hettrich / imago-images

Weather in Germany: Saharan dust on its way

First report from Saturday, February 20th, 2021: Offenbach – After a heavy onset of winter in February with snow and slippery bells, the bell is mild Temperatures gradually spring in Germany on. According to, the temperatures should approach the 20 degree mark in the coming days. ©

 The  sudden rise in temperature at Weather however, it has its downsides.

Through the warm Weather hot wind whirls fine sand out of the Sahara across the sea towards Europe. This was last the case in early February when the sky broke out Germany suddenly darkened and made for a spectacular sight. ©

 The  sand formed one Dust cloudwhich made the sky shine. Due to the icy temperatures, the warm Saharan air met significantly colder winter air, so that the sand-enriched dust from the Sahara in the form of shimmering reddish snow fell over parts of Germany.

Weather in Germany: Sand can lead to blood snow and blood rain

This phenomenon in the weather it is also called blood snow. At rather mild temperatures, the precipitation shows up in the form of reddish rain – Rain of blood called. Since that Weather However, if it is significantly warmer in the coming days and no rain has been predicted, such precipitation will probably not occur. Nevertheless, an impressive sight is expected. Based on the wind forecasts, the sand from the Sahara could spread from southern Europe to Norway, reports the news agency afp.

weekday Weather forecast for Germany
Saturday (02/20/2021) Up to 12 degrees, lots of sun, individual cloud fields
Sunday (02/21/2021) Up to 13 degrees, sunny
Monday (02/22/2021) Up to 11 degrees, lots of sun, individual cloud fields
Tuesday (23.02.2021) Up to 12 degrees, partly sun, partly clouds
Wednesday (02/24/2021) Up to 14 degrees, sunny


 The  sky can already be on weekend in large parts of Germany turn a bright yellow color. ©

 The  through the sand from the Sahara ©

 The  resulting cloud of dust should even be visible to the naked eye. This rare one Weather phenomenon However, despite its special appearance, it can have negative effects.

Weather in Germany: a rare phenomenon brings sand from the Sahara


 The  reddish dust can leave marks on windows and windshields. “Plumes of dust from the desert can cause red skies, restricted visibility, or stains on cars and windows Staubablagerungen cause, ”warned Mark Parrington of the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation program, in one forecast* on Friday (February 19th, 2021), according to the news agency. Also, lead that Weather to a significant deterioration in air quality in Germany.

Weather in Germany: According to experts, the dust creates a yellow to red sky. (Symbol image)

© Sebastien Bozon/dpa

Already at the beginning of the month it stopped phenomenon the particle concentration in the air in Germany increase “a hundredfold” in many places. Such a high concentration of dust can have health consequences – especially people with previous illnesses such as Asthma or Pollen allergies could suffer. Due to the warm temperatures, pollen begins to flow gradually, so that the mucous membranes of many people are already heavily stressed.

Weather in Germany: People with cardiovascular diseases are at risk

Also for people with Cardiovascular diseases the sand from the Sahara can be an additional physical strain. Contact lens wearer During the phenomenon you might feel that fine grains of sand slide under the lenses. ©

 The  special is directly hazardous to health Weather However not.

Researchers are currently investigating whether we will be using sand from the Sahara have to calculate. Climate change is contributing to the climate in Africa increasingly drier, so in ever larger areas Sandstorms arise which the dust then after Germany wear and affect the weather.

Although the temperatures are in the mood for spring, it can Weather drastically change again. ©

 The  polar vortex could cause another onset of winter in March. This is due to climate change, which weakens the polar vortex and triggers cold waves in Germany. (Teresa Toth and Christian Weihrauch) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Header list image: © Arnulf Hettrich / imago-images

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Weather Germany unsettling forecast weather phenomena troubling sun


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