Weather in Germany: Will the frost shock come in March? Polar vortex creates tension


 The  polar vortex could determine the weather in Germany in March. Another cold snap threatens.

  • How is the weather Germany im March?
  • A meteorologist explains what it depends on how the start of spring will be.
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Offenbach – At Weather in Germany last ruled the winter *. Freezing cold, subzero temperatures as well snow and black ice were the result. © The  will start in March spring. ©

 The re are many hopes for rising temperatures. Finally back out into nature, that’s what many would like.

But it can March 2021 fulfill these wishes and bring warm weather with them higher temperatures? Or will the aftermath of the polar vortex split ensure that it stays as cold as it did at the beginning of the year? Meteorologists dare with their Forecasts a first outlook and reveal what role the Polarwirbel plays.

Weather in Germany: What will March 2021 be like? – A look at the past few years

Meteorologists are already speaking on 1st March from the official start of spring. ©

 The  calendar begins Springtime in 2021, however, not until March 20th. After the bitterly cold February, many long for higher temperatures. A look at that Weather data from the German Weather Service (DWD) * Offenbach show: It could actually get warmer. For example, in 2017 there was a record March with an average of 7.2 degrees Celsius.

year Average temperatures in March in Germany
2020 5.3 Degrees Celsius
2019 6.6 Degrees Celsius
2018 2.5 Degrees Celsius
2017 7.2 Degrees Celsius
2016 4.0 Degrees Celsius
2015 5.2 Degrees Celsius
Source: German Weather Service (DWD)

“In March a lot is definitely possible what the Temperatures concerns, ”explains meteorologist Corinna Borau to“ ”. Accordingly, in March in Altheim in Baden-Württemberg, freezing-cold -28 degrees were measured. In Baden-Baden, on the other hand, temperatures climbed to 26.6 degrees Celsius * in summer. How is that Weather im March 2021 that is very likely due to a climate phenomenon that the weather is in Germany has been involved for quite a while.

March weather in Germany – polar vortices could cause ice and snow in March

If this Weather im March that gets warm like spring depends on the Polarwirbel together, said RTL meteorologist Björn Alexander to “”. “©

 The re are increasing signs that he [der Polarwirbel] can regenerate a little. However, it is often the case that it takes around 10 to 14 days until we feel the effects of this quite complex process in our weather too. ”©

 The “ reverberation ”of the Polarwirbelsplits could stay on the temperatures for quite a while Germany and ensure that it stays icy cold – despite spring *.

And even if the Polarwirbel has completely regenerated again, this can also be done in the weather in March in the year 2021 still more Permafrost have as a consequence. Because: “Where the regenerated Polarwirbel with its core ultimately lies exactly and whether we will be on the cold side again at the end of February or in March is also still completely open, ”says Björn Alexander.

Weather in March: Long-term forecast gives hope for spring in Germany

And also in the long term meteorologist little hope of milder Weather. Because, according to several calculations, a thaw is conceivable, but there is a catch. Because now the problem becomes what so many longed for in winter: the snow. Due to the amount of snow in parts of Germany “A short-term mitigation doesn’t do that much if the air is colder again afterwards,” says the meteorologist.

Meteorologist Corinna Borau also explains that the American Weather model NOAA predicts the potential for a colder March. “And on March 10th we don’t really have spring-like weather either. Similar to the current one, we have more of one Borderline weather situation. High air pressure over Scandinavia, a low here over the Mediterranean, we then in a rather cold east current with corresponding precipitation. ©

 The re could also be an air mass limit again, rain or snowfall would be there, ”says the meteorologist. But for the second half im March Borau gives the friends of the warm weather some hope again.

How will the weather in Germany be in March? ©

 The  polar vortex could continue to cause snow and frost. (Symbol image)

© Marius Bulling/imago-images

Weather in Germany: Meteorologist on the chances of spring-like temperatures in March

Because from the middle March Spring could finally come to the weather in Germany. A strong high over Russia and a low pressure area over the British Isles could create a southwesterly current. “So spring is possible,” explains the meteorologist. ©

 The  emphasis, however, is on possible, because also winter Weather does not rule out Borau for March. (Sophia Lother) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Marius Bulling/imago-images

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Weather Germany frost shock March Polar vortex creates tension


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