Weather: pure sunshine on the weekend – then the next hammer follows!


Weather: Suddenly full of sun at the weekend – after that the next surprise follows!

Weather: How does a storm bottom occur?

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Full of sun instead of snow and ice – this weekend, a surprising springWeather Move into Germany.

At the weekend we were spoiled with plenty of sun and unusually warm temperatures for February – and that lasts even after that Weather more surprises in store.

Weather: After snow and ice, spring came to Germany

Only a week of flockdown, but now we can breathe a sigh of relief and prepare for a significant temperature change.


This is how a weather forecast is created:

  • Around 10,000 ground stations, 7,000 ships, 600 ocean buoys, 500 weather radar stations and around 3,000 aircraft worldwide ensure that hourly weather data is recorded.
  • Weather satellites provide surveillance from space.
  • Meteorologists can thus observe what is happening around the world.
  • Parameters such as air temperature and pressure, wind direction and speed or cloud height are measured.
  • Around 25,000 messages accumulate every hour.
  • © The se are evaluated and transmitted – so weather forecasts remain up to date.


Because at the weekend the temperatures rose again.

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Weather: It will be sunny

It was warm and sunny on the weekend, compared to the minus temperatures of the past few days. We are talking about between eleven and 17 degrees on Saturday. While the temperatures in the north of Germany should level off at twelve to 15 degrees, in the south-east they should be eleven and in the south and southwest of Germany with 16 to 17 degrees.


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Even in the nights, the temperatures in Germany did not drop below zero degrees at the weekend: temperatures of one degree were expected in the south, between four and six degrees in the north and between four and nine degrees in the southwest. Fog can form in the southeast.

It was similar on Sunday: © The  lowest temperatures were ten degrees in the southeast, while the highest temperatures of 19 degrees will be felt in the west. ©

 The  north can expect 15 degrees.

Still, we have to do one thing …

Weather: Sahara sand comes to Germany

Spain is already struggling with it, now the weather phenomenon is also coming to Germany. ©

 The  Sahara sand that is currently spreading across the Canary Islands will also visit us next week, as reported by “”.

++++ Weather: First comes the warmth – but then it gets really cold ++++

That doesn’t sound like colder weather at first. In fact, the unfamiliar spring temperatures remain with us for a few days. From the weekend it can get a little cooler again. (Ali)

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Weather pure sunshine weekend hammer


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