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Updated February 22, 2021, 6:41 am

  • Marie von den Benken begins her first weekly review. And there was actually a lot going on in the past week.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce: Who Will Get the Insta Followers?
  • And FC Bayern needn’t be surprised that no one really likes them.
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from Marie von den Benken

What a week for my first weekly review, right? First of all, the long awaited series “We children from Bahnhof Zoo” will start on Amazon Prime. It was discussed so intensely in advance in all the feature sections that when it finally starts, I almost have the feeling that I went to school with the leading actress Jana McKinnon. One would call it advance praise if one were a film critic.

Of course I did the eight episodes within the first 48 hours after the release, as they say today, I owe that to an adequate weekly review. In the end, however, the series only shows that taking heroin is really cool in hot nightclubs and at David Bowie concerts, but less in dirty train station toilets alone.

Otherwise, there remains an homage to the wild West Berlin of the 70s and the realization that after a veritable drug career, two half-silly “star” reporters lie in wait for show jumping somewhere in the country.

Kim Crash-Dashian

Keyword semi-silky: Also this week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced their divorce – even before they could give their firstborn North West a suitable brother named South West. So North and her siblings Psalm, Saint and Chicago remain the only important bargaining chip in the upcoming War of the Roses. And of course the question: who gets the Insta followers? © www.de24.news The  hard-working celebrity chronicler finds the most decisive imbalance between the still-married partners.

In terms of wealth, they’re both around $ 1 billion. As far as communities go, however, OJ Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian’s daughter has been pretty clear-cut to Jesus’ son: Kanye has less than 5 million followers, while Kim Kardashian’s daily brainstorms are followed by more than 206 million. It’s going to be a bitter war of divorce. By the way, just to classify: I have around 220,000 followers on Instagram. So I have a handsome nine hundred and thirty-seventh part of Kim Kardashian slumbering inside me. So there is still hope for me!

Fun fact on the side: I once met someone who had a business meeting with Kanye West the evening before, in which he described himself as the greatest artist since Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, you have to say that he didn’t know Michael Wendler yet. On the other hand: West measures 1.73 meters. Thomas Gottschalk, on the other hand, 1.92 meters. So much for size.

Impfluencer England

So what else was there? Oh yes: After almost 80 million Germans had to retrain from national coach to virologist due to the failed EM in 2020, most of them have become a bit bored after 12 months of lockdown yo-yo. No wonder, then, that a large number of them have since switched to vaccine experts. © www.de24.news The re really is greater career potential. © www.de24.news The  EU is currently doing worse than Andi Scheuer on the toll.

Currently, even fewer Germans answer the question of whether Jens Spahn has covered himself with fame when it comes to vaccine procurement with “yes” than the question of whether Olaf Scholz has a chance as Chancellor.

Even the Brexit nest polluters from England are evidently doing better than the EU when it comes to vaccination and they were traditionally only ahead of us with royal weddings and books about sorcerers’ apprentices.

But also the anti-Karl Lauterbach, Hendrik Streeck, shines with another gem from his apparently inexhaustible repertoire of fair weather theses. If Corona had sprung from the Marvel Universe, Lauterbach would be Spiderman and Streeck would probably be Miles Warren.

In any case, Streeck’s suggestion to open restaurants on a test basis met with little approval. At least away from the bubble, which otherwise mainly gets information from Telegram groups of former chefs, pop and pop singers.

Afterwards, Streeck did not answer the question of whether one should pilot airliners by cute raccoons or have open-heart operations carried out by elementary school students.

© www.de24.news The  F in FC Bayern stands for grip

Speaking of which we have just touched on the subject of football: © www.de24.news The  most important minor matter in the world was also reliably delivered this week for feedback material for comment column world improvers. Although Hansi Flick’s excursion into virology actually caused a nationwide surprise. His categorization of Karl Lauterbach in the category of “so-called experts”, however, was also part of a series of dubious so-called opinions from the boardroom of FC Bayern.

In the past few days they had apparently tried to wake themselves up from the sluggish monotony of the ninth championship in a row by vigorous drumming on the arrogance drum. That brought some, shall we say, extravagant worldview details of the highly privileged soccer millionaires from Säbener Straße who were above average during Corona to light. Or as the favorite Twitter of all readers of this weekly review put it:

If you take into account the fact that former FC Bayern captain Philipp Lahm advised all active gay soccer professionals to keep their homosexuality a secret until after their careers ended, you can definitely see that the Mia-San-Mia clique is on its way.

But “Mission: Impfpossible” star Kalle Rummenigge, who in the late autumn of his career as CEO seemed to care about his reputation, suddenly rowed back. In a kind of image polishing campaign and to limit the damage, one hears from insider circles that Rummenigge is even considering correctly taxing his luxury watches next time.

On the other side of the Bundesliga, the recently rapidly shaken Borussia from Dortmund is experiencing a very presentable renaissance week. First (much to the displeasure of Gladbach fan icon Dunja Hayali), coach Marco Rose was announced for the summer, then Erling Braut Haaland (the most spectacular BVB commitment since Jürgen Klopp) first dismantled FC Sevilla and then FC Schalke 04. Everything What begins with “S” is no longer safe from the Norwegian Tor terminator. Too bad for Dortmund that Arminia Sielefeld will not play next weekend.

That was it for the first time with the most important thing from last week. We’ll read you here next Monday. © www.de24.news The n there was Jan Hofer’s first appearance on “Let’s Dance”. After Ekaterina Leonova has to sit out again this season, Hofer’s chances of an outsider victory are dwindling, as Leonova achieved in 2018 with dance trainee Ingolf Lück. So the most exciting question will be: who will he dance with? Christina Luft? Kathrin Menziger? Renata Lusin? Make a note of these names, because I’m a big “Let’s Dance” fan – that’s why we will extensively discuss the celebrity tea dance event in Cologne Ossendorf, moderated by Dschungel-Daniel (Hartwich), on the coming Mondays . See you!

Thick air in the cowshed! But not because of the animals, but because of the 34 candidates who are scrambling for the seats for the international call on Mykonos on DSDS (RTL). Stress, curses, tearful dramas. One candidate even fled the recall monastery at night.

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