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Every day, residents of the surrounding area crowd into the city, exhaust to exhaust. And now the reverse is supposed to be a problem?

It was already at the beginning of the pandemic that the reputation of townspeople in general, but that of Viennese in particular, sank even lower in the image barometer. If the townspeople, the people from the surrounding area complained, would stream far too much into the green and populate parking lots, forest paths and the air in general. That is – with all due respect – hypocritical.

Many of the residents near cities work there: in cities.  The y crowd into the city every day in dense columns of cars, exhaust to exhaust, park up parking spaces that could otherwise be green spaces, take away spaces in the subway and leave their rubbish here as well. In the evening they drive home into the countryside and enjoy the silence – while the city only recovers from the noise and hectic. Not welcoming city dwellers in a pandemic while benefiting from the city all year round is, to put it very politely, a lot of selfishness. Jobs in the country are still rare.

Conversely, you can scold every city dweller who does not stick to waste and park management in the country. Because that doesn’t work in everyday city life either.

(“Die Presse”, print edition, 02/21/2021)

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