Well finally! Vegan frozen pizza from Dr. Oetker is coming – enjoyment


Dr. Compared to other manufacturers, Oetker has given itself a little more time to please vegan pizza lovers.

Other manufacturers have satisfied the demand for frozen pizza without animal ingredients much faster. Now the vegan frozen pizza from Dr. Oetker on the market. From March on, the “Ristorante” boxes will also include a vegan variety with the fancy name: “Ristorante Pizza Margherita Pomodori”.

Cheese substitutes took time

Insa Parkan, pizza product developer at Dr. Oetker admitted to other media that the search for a delicious alternative to real mozzarella, Gouda or Edam took a little more time.

 The  vegan pizza topping consists of cocktail tomatoes, marinated tomato pieces, herb pesto and a cheese alternative based on coconut oil – of course, quickly recognizable by the green “V”. We are curious whether it tastes “like an Italian”!

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finally Vegan frozen pizza Oetker coming enjoyment


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