Werder Bremen: Against the split! Baumann’s request to the players!

 Werder Bremen: Against the split!  Baumann's request to the players!

Bremen – On the day after the surprising and well-deserved 0: 4 bankruptcy of SV Werder Bremen against TSG Hoffenheim, Werder sports director Frank Baumann made a clear demand on the Bremen professionals. Tenor: It has to get better, but very quickly!

“Each individual was not at his limit against Hoffenheim,” said Baumann annoyed – and reminded everyone that each player is responsible for his or her individual performance. “As a player I always have to get myself into top shape, everyone has to do it, there is no difference whether someone is 20 or 33 years old, whether he is a leading player or a junior player,” said the manager of the SV Werder Bremen.

Werder Bremen after Hoffenheim-Klatsche – Frank Baumann: “Don’t let yourself be divided”

 The  lead player wanted Frank Baumann With this statement, however, do not detract from responsibility: “You now have to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to be divided. Reciprocal accusations do not help us. If someone leaves the construct, they have to catch him again. “

All with the aim of achieving a better performance individually and collectively against the top team Eintracht Frankfurt. “Everyone has to get themselves in better overall shape by Friday,” demanded Baumann. Otherwise be for Werder Bremen to win no game in the Bundesliga. (dco)

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Werder Bremen split Baumanns request players


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