Werder Bremen in the live ticker against TSG Hoffenheim! | Werder LIVE!

 Werder Bremen in the live ticker against TSG Hoffenheim!  |  Werder LIVE!

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: All goals, news and information – all live in the DeichStube Bundesliga live ticker.


5.10 p.m .:  The  statistics of the last ten Bundesliga meetings show how difficult today’s game will be. Werder could only win against Hoffenheim once. In May 2019, coach Florian Kohfeldt’s team prevailed 1-0. © www.de24.news The  currently loaned Johannes Eggestein scored.

5:07 p.m .: In Bremer’s midfield headquarters, Möhwald, Eggestein and Bittencourt are supposed to direct the fortunes, while Rashica and Sargent are supposed to come into the front line.

5:05 p.m .: As if both teams had agreed: As in the previous weeks, the teams run with a three-man chain, which increases to five if the opposing needs arise.

5.00 p.m .: Even if the hosts made us wait compared to the green-whites, the starting position comes right on time. This is how Sebastian Hoeneß’s team starts: Baumann – Richards, Grillitsch, Adams – John, Samassekou, Rudy, Kaderabek – Baumgartner – Dabbur, Bebou.

4:59 p.m .: Compared to the previous game, Kohfeldt swaps twice. As expected, it wasn’t enough for Ludwig Augustinsson today. Agu can plow the left side for him. In addition, Schmid is left out for the time being – Bittencourt replaces him at headquarters.

4:56 p.m .: Zetterer, Osako, Selke, Füllkrug, Moisander, Schmid, Mbom, Groß, Dinkci take the Bremen bank.

4:53 p.m .: How fast are the guests from the Weser, please? Seven minutes too early, the green-whites knock out their first team. This is what it looks like: Pavlenka – Friedl, Toprak, Veljkovic – Agu, Eggestein, Möhwald, Bittencourt, Gebre Selassie – Rashica, Sargent.

4:52 p.m .: Friends, welcome to the Sunday evening game between Werder Bremen and TSG Hoffenheim.

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 The  preliminary report on Werder Bremen against TSG Hoffenheim:

Before Werder Bremen against TSG Hoffenheim: Trainer Florian Kohfeldt declares the coming weeks to be “crunchtime”

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 The  word originally comes from US sport, especially in basketball it has always been a fixed vocabulary there. But because there is simply no suitable equivalent in the German language, it suddenly appeared in the north German lowlands on Friday afternoon. “We all know that it’s crunchtime now,” said coach Florian Kohfeldt before the Bundesliga away game of SV Werder Bremen in the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Sunday, 6 p.m. in DeichStube * live ticker) – and thus assigned enormous importance not only to this one game, but also to the next two and a half weeks.

Bremen – “Crunchtime”, that is generally the phase of a game in which it gets down to the nitty-gritty, in which the decision draws nearer, i.e. each action can decide whether or not it will be. Viewed from a slightly larger perspective, this can of course also be transferred to the course of the season, as it does Florian Kohfeldt has done to point out that for Werder Bremen with the game against the TSG Hoffenheim (This is how you see the match live on TV and in the live stream) a very decisive phase begins. “Weeks of truth” would have been said earlier, but admittedly it doesn’t sound that sexy.

“Now there are games against in the league Hoffenheim, against Cologne and against Bielefeld and in between the cup quarter-finals, ”said Kohfeldt, who of course knows that with good results against the teams in the immediate vicinity of the table his team can take big steps towards the goal of the season, namely to remain stable in the league . Should the cup semi-final be reached – the season of the SV Werder Bremen would suddenly have a shine that many would not even have dreamed of. So it’s certainly not bad news that Kohfeldt is keeping himself and his team ready for it, ready for the “crunchtime”.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: © www.de24.news

 The  decisive weeks in the relegation battle for Florian Kohfeldt and Co.

“I have the feeling that the players know what is going on now and that they want to show me that too,” said the coach, citing the apparently very intensive training session on Sunday morning with a meaningful smile. “We have enough friction in a positive sense,” emphasized Florian Kohfeldtat the press conference before the Bundesliga game against the TSG Hoffenheim was confronted with the Gladbach change rumors. Which should mean nothing else than: © www.de24.news

 The re is fire in the team. For over two weeks the 38-year-old has been completely satisfied with what he saw during training: “That was great, every unit. © www.de24.news

 The  tension is there, the guys are giving full throttle, and yet there is a certain degree of looseness in the dressing room. Nobody thinks that anything comes by itself, and I like that very much. “

A statement that certainly contributed to the fact that Werder Bremen want to be bolder again on the pitch. This could already be seen to some extent during the 0-0 draw against Freiburg. On Sunday against the TSG Hoffenheim it should be continued if possible. “Before the Freiburg game, we had a slight correction in our direction,” reported Kohfeldt and then spoke of the plan to play bravely at the back of the game “and get a lot more into combination football again”. Now that the defense is finally tight again, this is the next step in the team’s development. “But that doesn’t come from telling the story, just doing it,” emphasized Florian Kohfeldt and announced: “We want to slowly start on the way to play more combination football again and perhaps also to appear more dominant.” © www.de24.news

 The  claim against Hoffenheim He didn’t have to dominate the game, “but we want to win”.

Werder Bremen against TSG Hoffenheim in the live ticker: What can Werder expect?

If it succeeds, it could Werder Bremen from the currently tied opponent – both teams have 23 points, Hoffenheim but played one more game – continue to settle in the safe middle of the table. When asked whether it might be an advantage for Bremen that Hoffenheim played in the Europa League on Thursday evening (in Villareal, the Kraichgauer won 3: 3 against FK Molde), Kohfeldt answered as follows: “No, the opponent will be fresh and rested. ”Didn’t anyone say that“ crunchtime ”would be easy. . . (dco) *Deichstube.de is a joint venture between the Kreiszeitung media group and the Weser Kurier media group and part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network. © www.de24.news

 The  network also accompanies the Revierderby between BVB and Schalke in the live ticker. And Werder against Hoffenheim from TSG’s point of view can be found here in the live ticker at the colleagues from Heidelberg24.de.

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