Werder Bremen: Nelson Valdez is back – and hopes for a job at Werder

Werder Bremen: Nelson Valdez is back - and hopes for a job at Werder

Bremen – the winter jacket alone: ​​a real eye-catcher! Its fire-brigade-red color stood out from the white-gray landscape through which it was carried on Wednesday morning.  The  appearance of the man in the jacket was inconspicuous for that reason alone – but even in more muted tones that would hardly have been possible for Nelson Valdez at the Weserstadion. It wasn’t long before a Werder fan discovered the double hero from 2004, and the photographers let their cameras buzz. © www.de24.news The  unspoken question is: what is he doing here? Visiting Werder Bremen and possibly setting the course for the future – that is the short version of the answer.

What made him proud 15 years after he left SV Werder Bremen suddenly led back to the Osterdeich in the dead of winter Nelson valdez betrayed in a telephone conversation with the DeichStube. “I wanted to see a few old companions again,” reports the 37-year-old, before listing some of the big Werder names, starting with, of course: Thomas Schaaf. Together with his ex-trainer, with whom he became champion and cup winner 17 years ago, Valdez walked towards the professional training ground on Wednesday morning. And if it is up to the Paraguayan, he would like to cover the distance from the stadium to the practice area more often in the future. “Thomas and I have a lot to discuss,” says Valdez, who is currently planning the time after his active career – and is hoping for a job at Werder.

Valdez’s contract with the Paraguayan first division club Cerro Porteno expired at the beginning of the year, and three weeks ago he and his family finally returned to Bremen. Wife Martynka comes from the town where Valdez still runs a restaurant with an attached hotel near the main train station. “After the end of my career, I always saw myself in Bremen,” explains the ex-striker, who would like to have the prefix “Ex” in brackets. “© www.de24.news The  decision to stop playing has not yet been taken 100 percent,” says Nelson valdez. But “everything really has to fit” so that he can lace up his shoes again so that a twelfth (!) Club can actually find its way into his athletic vita. It doesn’t look like it at the moment.

Werder Bremen ex-star Nelson Valdez: “I have a few offers, but they don’t appeal to me”

“I have a few offers, but they don’t appeal to me,” says Valdez, who has not received an offer from Germany – not yet. Because there is still Werder Bremenand there is Valdez’s idea of ​​returning in a different capacity. “I really want to stay in football,” emphasizes the man who once scored 30 goals in 113 competitive games for SVW and now wants to explore with the club’s officials what may be conceivable in the future. Youth coach? Scout? Valdez does not want to commit himself yet. He prefers to emphasize his general willingness: “It would be very nice for me, because as a footballer everything started here for me.”

In the winter of 2001, the then 18-year-old was from his youth club Atletico Tembetary Werder Bremen changed. © www.de24.news

 The  fact that he only had a plastic bag with a pair of soccer shoes and a few items of clothing with him – this story has long been part of the club’s folklore. In the years that followed, Werder would become “my second home”, recalls Nelson valdezwho has played in Greece, Spain, Russia and the United Arab Emirates – and has now returned to his second home. © www.de24.news

 The  family is currently looking for a house in Bremen; the two eldest of the three children – daughter Noemi (12) and son Samuel (14) – are already registered at school. © www.de24.news

 The  only thing missing is an agreement with Werder. “Wait and see,” says Valdez. © www.de24.news

 The  chances are not too bad. “Basically, it is conceivable for us to involve him in the youth or coaching area,” says sports director Frank Baumann to the DeichStube. However, a quick decision is not to be expected. (dco)

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Werder Bremen Nelson Valdez hopes job Werder


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