Werder Bremen scores against TSG Hoffenheim: Mark 6 for Marco Friedl!

Werder Bremen scores against TSG Hoffenheim: Mark 6 for Marco Friedl!

Sinsheim – Florian Kohfeldt was well served. “That was nothing in the collective. We conceded goals that were far too easy, we weren’t determined, ”said the head coach of SV Werder Bremen after the 4-0 clap at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.  The  players in the individual review with grades.

Jiri Pavlenka: Bitter evening for the keeper because his colleagues let him down. Powerless for all goals conceded. Note 3,5

© www.de24.news The odor Gebre Selassie: When he barely prevented the 0: 4 in the 64th minute, his collar burst, the captain hissed at his colleagues. Much too late, but the Czech had too much to struggle with himself on the right. Note 4

Milos Veljkovic (bis 46.): Defended very aggressively and above all offensively, which was sometimes quite risky and did not always work. Before the 0: 2 with an unfortunate lost duel. Remained battered in the cabin. Note 4

Ömer Toprak: Started sovereign as always, but then: At 0: 1 he picked up the offside, at 0: 2 he could have intervened better and at 0: 3 he just let Dabbur do it. Perhaps the early yellow card (8th) for a handball had thrown him off his feet. Note 5,5

Werder Bremen in scores against 1899 Hoffenheim: Marco Friedl completely beside himself

Marco Friedl: After the good performance, it seemed almost arrogant in the end – and that should take vengeance. Didn’t look good at 0-1 and 0-2. © www.de24.news The  0: 3 was then completely on his cap – with a sloppy pass to the top and incomprehensible passivity against template provider Bebou. Just like the 0: 4. Possibly the ankle injury from the Freiburg game bothered him more. Note 6

Felix Aug: Should replace the injured Augustinsson on the left side but failed. Back and forth with problems against robust Hoffenheim. He always put himself in the limelight, but didn’t bring these actions to a good end due to poor ball acceptance, hesitation or lack of assertiveness. Note 4,5

Kevin Möhwald (until 56): As a six, trying to keep the game in order – also quite loudly with clear announcements to colleagues. But they died away, and at some point Möhwald couldn’t even be heard anymore. Note 4,5

Maximilian Eggestein: Very much in action, wanted to drive and direct the game, which he rarely succeeded in doing. Before the 0: 2 he should have put passer Samassekou under more pressure, at 0: 4 he did not attack Rutter. Note 5

Leonardo Bittencourt (until 56): Was allowed to play for Romano Schmid, but didn’t take his chance. Was only noticed by losing the ball and weak standards. Note 5

Josh Sargent (bis 82.): As always, last: very hard, but almost worthless for the offensive. Note 5

Werder Bremen scores against TSG Hoffenheim: Milot Rashica does not get going

Milot Rashica (bis 69.): Step backwards instead of progress. © www.de24.news

 The  striker just doesn’t get going and certainly can’t get past the opponent. Hung more and more. Note 5,5

Romano Schmid (ab 46.): Could hardly assert himself in midfield and not even begin to provide scoring opportunities. Note 5

Yuya Osako (ab 56.): With a few small exceptions, the Japanese adapted to the weak game of his colleagues. Note 4,5

Niclas Füllkrug (from 56th): Comeback after an ankle injury – and almost a goal scorer again. Just stopped shortly before the end, but otherwise little to see. Note 4,5

Manuel Mbom (ab 69.): Should ensure in midfield that Werder did not go under. Note –

Eren Dinkci (from 82nd): Was allowed to collect a few more Bundesliga minutes. Note –

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© www.de24.news

 The  Werder line-up against Hoffenheim: Felix Agu in the starting line-up – Romano Schmid on the bench!

Now it is Werder line-up firmly! Leonardo Bittencourt is in the starting line-up, Niclas Füllkrug is initially on the bench! Live-Ticker: Lays with this starting line-up Werder Bremen against the TSG Hoffenheim the!

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Bremen – © www.de24.news

 The  defense is this season’s showpiece SV Werder Bremen, but it is precisely this part of the team that is causing some concern before the Bundesliga game on Sunday at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. This is the starting line-up of coach Florian Kohfeldt!

Left-back Ludwig Augustinsson was absent from the final training session on Saturday afternoon SV Werder Bremen and will probably fail due to his calf problems. For him should Felix Aug in the Starting line-up move. And Niklas Moisander left the training pitch with a bump on his head, which the central defender cooled with an ice bag. His involvement in Sinsheim should not be endangered.

Werder Bremen line-up against Hoffenheim: who is in the starting XI?

Moisander is currently not a regular player, but could still be very important in defense against Hoffenheim. Because Marco Friedl and Milos Veljkovic were injured in the 0-0 draw against Freiburg. © www.de24.news

 The y got fit just in time, did not return to the team until the final training session and will therefore probably also be against them TSG Hoffenheim in the Starting XI stand – of course at the side of defender Ömer Toprak. © www.de24.news

 The odor Gebre Selassie and Agu will turn the three-man chain into a five-man chain when the opponent has the ball and otherwise a lot of steam on the flanks. Before that, Maximilian Eggestein, Kevin Möhwald and Romano Schmid should be in the midfield of the SV Werder Bremen the picture.

Werder Bremen line-up against Hoffenheim: Niclas Füllkrug not yet fit enough for the starting line-up

And in the storm? © www.de24.news

 The re is actually only Milot Rashica left in the Lineup set. Josh Sargent has slowly gambled away his credit because, despite all the zeal, he is simply too safe in front of the goal – and that is one of the core competencies of an attacker. But the real alternatives are missing. Davie Selke is not at all in shape and Niclas Füllkrug is still not fit enough for that after his ankle injury Starting XI from Werder Bremen. After all, the striker could finally celebrate his comeback – and the opponent is not entirely inconvenient for him. He scored three goals in his seven encounters with Hoffenheim and prepared another goal. (knee)

This is how Werder Bremen’s starting line-up could look like against TSG Hoffenheim.

© DeichStube

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Werder Bremen scores TSG Hoffenheim Mark Marco Friedl


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