What is the “Two & a Half Men” star doing today?


He was the face of “Two and a Half Men,” but then came the deep fall of Charlie Sheen, 55.  The  actor hit the headlines with drugs and bad behavior. Now the former series star is trying to lead a “normal” life.

© www.de24.news The  deep fall of Charlie Sheen

It wasn’t that long ago that Charlie Sheen was the one best paid television actor and earned $ 1.8 million per episode his sitcom “Two and a half men”. He lived in a mansion that was worth $ 7.2 million and could afford everything he dreamed of.

But those days are over. According to UsWeekly, the 55-year-old now lives in a mobile settlement in Malibu and needs money so desperatelythat he only writes autographs for cash.

Charlie is pretty broke. His lifestyle couldn’t have changed more drastically

reveals an insider about the father of five.

“Everyone around him fears for his life”

His case began with an argument between him and his third wife Brooke Mueller in Aspen, during which he allegedly held a knife to her throat. It followed two stays in rehab clinics, an interview in which he claimed to have “tiger blood” and finally the HIV Diagnosiswhich he made public in 2015.

Charlie threw the money out the window and started an argument for no reason. All around him fear for his life

so the insider. © www.de24.news

 The re is nothing left of his former $ 125 million fortune. He sold his three houses, but that only paid off part of his tax debt.

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“Charlie doesn’t care about money anymore”

Allegedly, the Hollywood star still has $ 4 million debt to the US Treasury. But all the defeats helped him turn his life around. He’s been dry for three years and has also given up smoking. He signs autographs at events, still performs here and there and looks after his father Martin Sheen, 80.

Martin is directing some commercials and Charlie is also involved, but it’s not much,

explains the insider. Charlie also spends a lot of time with his children. “Money is no longer important to Charlie, he just wants to be able to pay his bills. His new normal made him more humble and given him a reason to count the positives in his life. “

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