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What’s up for the professional dancer now


Erich Klann is looking forward to “opportunities, people and challenges”

In 2021, after more than ten years at “Let’s Dance”, Erich Klann will not be one of the 14 professionals who will teach the prominent candidates to dance.

 The  33-year-old dancer is devoting himself to new projects and, above all, to his family, which should again come first, as he makes clear in a statement to RTL. “When do I have time to build a house, finally get married? When can we work with Oana again on a long-term project? ©

 The  answer is: now!”, Says Erich Klann.

His family should come first


 The  answer to the above questions has become clearer and clearer to Erich lately, he explains in his statement. “©

 The y say: ‘©

 The  only constant is change.’ And I believe in it. Not worse or more advantageous, but just different and somehow fascinating and adventurous! ” He is looking forward to completely new “opportunities, people and challenges.”


 The  33-year-old has already mentioned a few projects such as “fitness, dance school, new TV formats, real estate”. But it wasn’t that yet. ©

 The  next time should be all about his private life. “What I definitely know, however, is that this change should and will take place with my family, because I decide to do it! As you already know, ‘Let’s Dance’ is a time-consuming project and requires my full attention over several months. I don’t like to do it important personal and professional tasks and requirements only half-heartedly! […] ‘Time is our most valuable asset’, they say and with this fundamental thought I want to prioritize important personal matters! “

Erich thanks juror Joachim Llambi


 The n the 33-year-old turned to juror Joachim Llambi in his statement: “Many thanks to Joachim Llambi, who gave us this great task and responsibility and believed in us! He was the first to say: ‘Erich, Oana , More people need to see you and your talent! Please go to the casting of ‘Let’s Dance’ ‘- and you know what came of it! “

In the video: ©

 The se professional dancers will be there in 2021

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