WhatsApp will soon show users banners in chat: that’s behind it


WhatsApp will soon show users banners in chat: that’s behind it

WhatsApp users have until mid-May to agree to the new guidelines. Until then, the messenger wants to do educational work – in the app itself.

WhatsApp plans to introduce a banner to users in the coming weeks, which will be visible at the top of the “Chat” tab.  The  banner is intended to give users the opportunity to take a closer look at the new terms of use. WhatsApp writes in a press release.

© www.de24.news The  reason for this action is the announcement by WhatsApp to adapt its terms of use. Because with the new guidelines, the messenger should be allowed to share personal data with Facebook in the future. This ensured that users switched to alternatives in droves. WhatsApp responded and extended the deadline: Users now have until May 15 to agree to the new guidelines. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to use Messenger afterwards.

WhatsApp wants to enlighten users with banners

According to WhatsApp, the upcoming banner is intended to give users the opportunity to deal more closely with the planned update “at their own pace”.

According to WhatsApp, the changes in the guidelines only concern the optimization of company accounts, with which users can communicate better with companies via an optional function. According to Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, major changes are “more clearly formulated, detailed user information on how and why data is processed”.

© www.de24.news The  banner says: “© www.de24.news The  update expands our terms of use and our privacy policy to include additional information, for example, on how you can chat with companies if you want”. WhatsApp also emphasizes that private chats are and will remain end-to-end encrypted. Contact lists should also still not be shared with Facebook.

If you want additional information about the update, WhatsApp forwards the banner to a globally standardized website.

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