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Master Salzburg wants to prolong the perfect start into the year, also keep the gate lock. Peter Stöger is hoping for the “momentum” again after the cup fight.

Salzburg is on target in spring. Three victories in the Bundesliga were followed by promotion to the semi-finals of the ÖFB Cup at the weekend. Coach Jesse Marsch is delighted that the “Red Bulls” have not yet received a goal in 2021. On Wednesday (8.30 p.m.) Austria is now preparing again to let the favorites stumble. As with the recent defeat in the Cup, the Viennese will seek their salvation on the defensive.

“It’s a bit of a strange situation against the same opponent in two competitions. We have to be ready for a strong fight,” said Marsch before the quick reunion at the home arena.  The  American had chosen the defensive stability of his team as the number one topic before the spring start, and he can be all the more satisfied at the moment. Salzburg want to be at the top of the table again at the end of the 16th round.

Goalkeeper Cican Stankovic spoke of a “perfect start” into spring. “Maybe it’s not that spectacular, but the victories were very impressive and in the end the points count. © www.de24.news

 The n we are very difficult to crack,” said the team goalkeeper. Austria did not manage to do this too often in the past anyway: In the most recent 23 Bundesliga duels with the series champions, the Viennese left the field as winners only twice and conceded 15 – sometimes significant – defeats.

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 The  violets are now looking for happiness again in Wals-Siezenheim. Even if Peter Stöger did not have two consecutive away games in Salzburg on his “Christmas wish list”, as he emphasized. As seventh, Austria is fighting for the leap into the championship group, which requires a significant increase in points. “If you set up something like a point scenario, then there are not three points planned for tomorrow. But we are going to approach it in such a way that we can deliver a surprise,” said Stöger.

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 The  starting position for his team is almost similar to that in the cup. Austria wants to play courageously, solidly in defense and pinpricks on the offensive. “You need the momentum, but you have to work for it,” Stöger knew. On the defensive, however, you could not prevent everything, he noted with a view to the 0-2 last Saturday. © www.de24.news

 The  fact that Austria acts too imprecisely and often hastily in their counterattacks remains a problem area that Stöger and Co. still have to work on.

Stöger draws confidence from the grown team structure for the upcoming tasks. “In small steps forward” is his motto. On Monday, Austria brought Andreas Poulsen back on loan from Mönchengladbach for the injured Markus Suttner. © www.de24.news

 The  left-back could be there on Wednesday. Marco Djuricin would also be a candidate for a squad place. Aleksandar Jukic is questionable due to a bruise he suffered in the cup, Christoph Monschein is not yet in team training.

Maximilian Wöber is currently training individually again at Salzburg, the national player is not yet an issue for Austria. Marsch also prepared his team for a more aggressive opponent. “I think they think they have a chance against us, also in the Red Bull Arena.”

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