“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: Three candidates play for huge profits


Updated February 23, 2021 at 7:23 a.m.

  • Three candidates play on Monday evening in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” for big profits.
  • That works perfectly for candidate one – but not so well afterwards.
  • In the end, the focus is on wobbling buttocks, which not everyone thinks is great
A criticism

from Bodo Klarsfeld

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After the weeks of gaming specials, it was the second time in a row that “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” pleasantly conventional too. Means:  The re was “only” one million euros to be won again, and all jokers were available to the candidates at all times.

Of course, even with the normal edition, until further notice, only ex-candidates sat in the stands, who acted as audience and additional jokers.

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 The  woman with the winter children opened

It all started with Romana Pochert from Schleswig-Holstein, who already succeeded last week and is now at 16,000 euros. © www.de24.news

 The  butcher still had three of her four Jokers available. She was faced with the following EUR 32,000 question:

In which quarter were the most children born in Germany in recent years?

  • A: January to March
  • B: April to June
  • C: July to September
  • D: October to December

“I have lots of winter children,” remarked Pochert, who still couldn’t answer the question, even though she could associate winter time with cuddling time. © www.de24.news

 The  saleswoman chose the 50:50 joker, which left answers A and C as it is.

Pochert then decided without further ado for “July to September”, logged in and was thus in the next round. “One reason is said to be that many mothers plan their pregnancy in spring through summer,” explained Jauch.

Get the money, remove the appendix scar

With part of her profit, Romana Pochert would like to have her “not beautiful to look at” appendix scar surgically corrected. A candidate from the field who was sitting in the stands confirmed that this could work quite well. © www.de24.news

 The n Pochert was faced with this question for 125,000 euros:

Only which character is the victim of two “Max and Moritz” pranks?

  • A: Schneider Böck
  • B: Teacher Lämpel
  • C: Uncle Fritz
  • D: Widow Bolte

“I have a tendency, but I don’t dare,” admitted the candidate, who guessed teacher Lämpel. “None of my telephone jokers know that either, definitely not,” said Pochert, who did not prevent her from calling her brother, who actually didn’t have the slightest idea.

With the words “It was nice and I’m happy about 64,000 euros”, Romana Pochert threw in the towel. Incidentally, widow Bolte was a double victim of “Max and Moritz”.

Mental coach almost failed because of “Luzi”

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 The n Christine Schorer, mental coach from Thannhausen, was allowed to run. © www.de24.news

 The  candidate from Bavaria was already hurling it with the 200 euro question. This read as follows:

Wherever there is really a lot going on, there is literally going on – or does the …?

  • A: Elli
  • B: Luzi
  • C: Leni
  • D: Gerdi

“Do I have to think around the corner?”, Schorer, groping in the dark, wanted to know from Jauch. But he was merciless and even exposed the mental trainer by letting all ex-candidates stand up in the stands who knew the correct answer.

And of course, they all got up, which was visibly uncomfortable for both the mother of four and her husband in the stands. “Luzi comes from Lucifer, so the devil is going off”, said Jauch about the candidate, who was allowed to continue playing thanks to the “grandstand joker” but no longer felt at ease.

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 The  squirrel has a hard time feeding itself

Schorer tormented himself through the questions. She was only able to answer with the help of the additional joker that the equipment of many off-road vehicles includes what is known as a snorkel, which lets the engine suck in fresh air while driving through the water. But somehow she managed to get through to the 16,000 euro question:

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 The  number of …? Will be increased from 30 to 40 in September 2021.

  • A: Oscar-Kategorien?
  • B: Companies in the DAX
  • C: EU member states
  • D: Teams in der NHL

Again the Bajuwarin speculated wildly. “Of course it can be anything,” said Schorer, who tended to answer B. “I’m not cool enough now and take the 16,000 euros,” she then made it short. Everyone in the family should get something from their winnings.

It remains to be seen whether the diamond ring that she wants so badly will run out afterwards. What is certain is that the number of DAX companies will be expanded in September.

No great achievement when asked about “top-class”

Kathrin Kirste was also allowed to take a seat in the center of the WWM events on Monday evening. © www.de24.news

 The  Berliner is responsible for the commercial management of an international NGO and made a very smart impression.

But she didn’t really want to get going either. After the 500 euro question had already given her problems, she also put the 1,000 euro question in a mess:

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 The  soccer striker is certainly not happy, does he award several … in one game?

  • A: Top class
  • B: gemstones
  • C: Klunker
  • D: Brillis

“I have no idea,” admitted Kirste, who had to be helped by the telephone joker who had to laugh at the simple question at first. “Yes, I would say top-class”, so the helper tries hard afterwards.

A light goes on for the passionate twerker

When asked for 4,000 euros, the Berliner, who is privately passionate about twerking – a dance with circling hip and pelvic movements with a focus on the buttocks – found herself in a small problem area:

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 The  Duden defines the mother or father’s brother as an uncle or …?

  • A: Neffe
  • B: brother-in-law
  • C: Cousin
  • D: husband

Kirste didn’t understand the question at first. “But it is formulated really stupidly,” she said, slightly desperate. But in the end the Berlin woman saw a light: “It’s B the brother-in-law,” she only said, which Jauch confirmed with “Anything else would be pointless”.

Now powder shaking was announced

Kirste then also knew without outside help that “a Green politician who is now known nationwide has been mayor” in Tübingen since 2007. She heaved the answer into the five-digit range, which is why, as she had previously promised, she had to twerk briefly in the studio, i.e. wiggle her bottom.

“I really enjoy doing this, although I generally find it difficult to keep the rhythm, which is why it is a real test of courage for me now,” said the commercial director in the run-up to her interesting performance, which apparently did not convince everyone.

Jauch himself seemed half enthusiastic. “Oh god, it was as bad as I expected,” said someone over on Twitter. “Ass shaking – the ‘RTL’ couch potato is happy”, said another.

As you know, you can’t please everyone. Kathrin Kirste can run again next Monday. It currently stands at 16,000 euros.

One would think that the millionaire question is the biggest hurdle in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” represents. But on Monday it is the supposedly easy introductory questions that become the acid test. Just as exciting: can Jauch be persuaded to twerk?

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Millionaire candidates play huge profits


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