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Why Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange split up


After the “summer house” drama came the love-off

He went to the “summer house of the stars” as a favorite – and came out of the TV show with a tarnished image:  The re are tough months behind Andrej Mangold (34). He lost money, fans and, ultimately, his love. In an exclusive interview with “Prominent!” the ex-bachelor now looks honestly at his mistakes, but also looks to the future with new strength. How much he fought for his relationship and how his life as a single is going now, we show in the complete interview in the video above.

“It may not have arrived the way I did”

© The  separation of Andrej and Jenny surprised many. © The y are not the first couple that did not survive the extreme relationship test called “Summer House of the Stars” – but they have been an absolute dream couple since 2019. Outwardly there were never any difficulties. So what was it? “Different ideas about the future,” the 34-year-old sums it up in an interview. “She’s 27, I’m 34. I’m more likely to think about family and maybe she hasn’t arrived the way I did,” he continues. © The  two of them were simply at different points in their lives.

He has fulfilled a dream

So where is Andrej now, at 34, after tough months and a fresh single? One thing is certain: © The  ex-professional athlete has recharged his batteries and hopes and wants to start again. For example, he recently fulfilled a dream – his own house by the sea. His property is on Mallorca and he would like to live in it with his wife and kids one day.

And when it comes to career, new projects are waiting for him: from new TV appearances to his comeback as an influencer to his own sustainable coffee bean blend, as we also announced in the interview.

Watch “© The  Stars’ Summer House” on TVNOW

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Andrej Mangold Jennifer Lange split


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