Why Wikipedia needs to sharpen its control tools


MAn should not leave the world in ignorance when a bad musician spreads conspiracy theories.  The  facts have to be on the table or at least where you first look for facts: in the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia. Anyone who wants to hire the composer Googles the name, reads the Wikipedia article and knows: Take care.

It is only bitter when nothing that is written in the Wikipedia article about the composer’s musical and political work is true. © www.de24.news The n his reputation is ruined and he cannot help it. This is what happened to a man from North Rhine-Westphalia. He complained and won. © www.de24.news The  Wikipedia author has to pay a fine of 8,000 euros, as a court in Koblenz recently ruled.

That would not be worth mentioning if the wrongdoer had ruled lonely and unrecognized between brave friends of the truth. But in the vast expanse of Wikipedia, hordes of surreptitious advertisers, trained disinformation warriors and vain impostors rage. Everyone can take part, create, edit, edit, optimize, manipulate, delete. © www.de24.news The  Wikipedians call this swarm intelligence. But often it is nothing more than mob anarchy.

Wikipedia never wanted to be like this

© www.de24.news The  list of grievances is long. In the article about the energy company RWE, an “incident” becomes a “reportable event” and the IP address leads to the company’s headquarters. Sometimes an author classifies the journalist fraudster Claas Relotius as the “Karl May of our days” and sits in his hometown. It just came out that the German Football Association had the article glossed over by its general secretary beyond recognition and put 15,000 euros on the table for it.

Wikipedia knows the problem. Experienced authors should therefore check unknown newcomers, and administrators can intervene in an emergency. But that is of little use if convicts of conviction undo everything, half-silly authors create sources themselves or cartels rule from inclined helpers. Because there are more and more articles, but fewer and fewer volunteers who care for what has been created, missionary writers can get up to mischief.

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Wikipedia never wanted to be like this. It was intended as a promise: equal, fair, grassroots democracy, by all for all. Instead, male computer geeks in particular cultivate their interests and prejudices, as co-founder Jimmy Wales himself recently criticized. For example, you propose a list of female science fiction writers for deletion because of “redundancy”, but consider the listing of deaths from coconuts to be indispensable.

If Wikipedia is to be a serious reference work, it cannot leave the quality to anonymous nerds. Above all, it has to fight abuse more consistently and track down dubious authors more quickly. Even the inventors of Twitter, Facebook and Co once considered their platforms innocent, rules unnecessary and themselves not responsible. © www.de24.news The y were taught better. Experience shows that social media can quickly become anti-social. And free knowledge projects not free. Time for Wikipedia to sharpen its control instruments.

Livia Gerster

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Wikipedia sharpen control tools


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