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A rose from the “LederHosenRockerin”? Many fans dream of this. What Melissa Naschenweng herself thinks of the TV rumors.

It can go that fast. On Valentine’s Day, the Carinthian appeared on her social channels with a red rose. So far, so understandable. But what happened after that is difficult to explain. Because suddenly the 30-year-old is being treated as the next “Bachelorette” in the German media. Melissa Naschenweng is now speaking clearly!

Bergbauernmadl is looking for a mountain farmer boy

 The  wish was probably the father of numerous (probably male) fan thoughts. You saw the pretty girl from Lesach, surrounded by attractive single men, handing out roses on the RTL show of the same name. But nothing will come of it. “Don’t worry! 0.00000 percent topic for me. I’m far too much of a mountain farmer for that”, Melissa bursts all hopes like soap bubbles in an Instagram story – and also adds: “I’m more into a meadow flower bush”

Melissa is still officially single, she lets anyone interested “Today”-Interview with a wink: “Mountain farmer boys have that certain something. But if it fits and he is not a farmer, then he will be made a farmer at home”. But one thing your chosen one should definitely bring: a tractor driver’s license!

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