Winter onset Germany / NRW: The snow should stay that long


Snowfall and temperatures well below zero are causing what is probably the most violent winter break in years. But how long will the snow stay with us?

Germany / NRW – All weather forecasts about a possible onset of winter in Germany were correct. Whips since last weekend Deep Tristan over the country and especially in the North and West of Germany for freezing cold days and tidy snow. But it seems that the latter in particular is responsible for particularly polarizing opinions in the population. Some love the white splendor, others hate it. And they all have only one question: how long will the snow stay there?

state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
Land Germany
Capital Düsseldorf

Snow in Germany and NRW: Winter weather in February causes chaos

 The  first white flakes fell from the sky on Saturday afternoon (February 6), depending on the city and state. In the late evening hours it became more and more and in the night of Sunday (February 7th) it continued in many regions heavy snowfall which lasted until the following day. Only in the night of Monday (February 8th) did the precipitation decrease again. But that didn’t mean that the snow disappeared again. On the contrary: instead of brown mud everything remained nice and white, just like on weekend (All news about weather and climate on


 The  reason for this is the persistent low temperatures. Freezing temperatures well below freezing point currently ensure that the snow does not melt. ©

 The  cold even leads to the fact that the snow freezes. It can therefore get pretty slippery, especially on the streets. ©

 The  consequences are accidents and long traffic jams, as is currently the case on the A2 in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Snow in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia: Freezing temperatures ensure lasting white splendor

With Fresh snow in large quantities is no longer expected in the coming days, but it can occasionally be in parts of NRW occasional precipitation. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) is on Thursday (February 11th) mainly in the east of the State expect light snowfall. During the day, temperatures can drop to -8 degrees. At night, the peak can even be as low as -20 degrees.

It should be loud on Friday and at the weekend DWD Stay “mostly sunny and free of precipitation”. Depending on the region, the Daytime temperature rise to -1 degrees. At night, however, it should be included Temperatures between -8 and -18 degrees continue to remain crisp and cold. Which, conversely, means: ©

 The  snow will also stay on the weekend. Building a snowman and sledding should be done in spite of the absence Fresh snow still be possible.

Snow in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia: That is how long the snow cover should stay

Next Sunday (February 14th) it will be white and wintry for a week. Such a Weather we had in NRW and also in other parts Germany not for years. We had the last long-lasting snow in 2010 – back then there was even a “white Christmas”. It is for them in the middle of February but unfortunately a little too late.

Rather, we can currently only bet on when it will finally get warmer and the snow will disappear again. According to Weather reports this could already be the case in the coming week. Temperatures should be back above zero on Monday and continue to rise over the course of the week. With that the thick snow cover be history again in a few days. Some will be happy, others less.

Rubriklistenbild: © Frank Molter

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Winter onset Germany NRW snow stay long


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