Winter suitability: Porsche is testing for the first time in the Bavarian Forest


So far, car manufacturer Porsche has held its winter tests in Sweden or Finland. Because of Corona, the company had to relocate the matter inland – to Sonnen (district of Passau).

That was unique.  The  Stuttgart-based car manufacturer Porsche has tested the winter suitability of various models on difficult surfaces, for the first time ever in the Bavarian Forest. ©

 The  scenes were the airfield in Oberneureuth and the adjacent small municipal streets.

“Sonnen is the new Sweden”, is how Alwin Mayer from the engineering office of the same name comments on the test highlight. He is the owner of the site and has seen the tests live. “I had total confidence in the car and the driver,” says Mayer of the test drives. He sat with the measuring computer on his lap and in the passenger seat at speeds of up to 180 km / h. “I was impressed,” he says, “both by the skills of the drivers and the driving characteristics of the cars.” ©

 The re are a lot of engineers who also have racing experience.

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Winter suitability Porsche testing time Bavarian Forest


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