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Low temperatures and, of all places, power outages in some regions mean that many Texans’ electricity bills increase many times over to thousands of US dollars. Governor Abbott announces support.

In the US state Texas the winter weather of the past few days and bottlenecks in the energy supply have brought the residents explosively increased electricity bills. Governor Greg Abbott was looking for solutions to help those affected with the skyrocketing costs, his office announced on Sunday (local time). According to media reports, the electricity bills of many Texans rose many times over to thousands of US dollars.

A man in a suburb of the Dallas metropolis received a bill for just under 16,752 US dollars (about 13,830 euros), reported the New York Times.

 The  electricity market in the state in the southern United States is heavily deregulated and certain providers are tied to the fluctuating wholesale price. When the electricity failed in many places as a result of the extreme weather and demand exceeded supply, this led to an “astronomical” increase in costs for affected customers, the paper wrote. Other residents of Texas posted their billions, often thousands of US dollars, on social media.

Government is looking for solutions

Abbott says you shouldn’t be left with the costs alone. ©

 The  state is looking for solutions in the case, its office announced. Until then, no electricity will be turned off if the bill is not paid. In addition, providers should initially not issue any further invoices.

Texas was hardest hit by the US winter storm in the past few days. More than four million households were temporarily without electricity after snowfall and freezing temperatures. According to the authorities, households were still cut off from supplies on Sunday.

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