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And another year older: satirist Jan Böhmermann is celebrating his 40th birthday.  The  moderator of “ZDF Magazin Royale” often caused a stir and political scandals with his actions. Do you still remember these machinations?

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 The  master of German satire celebrates his 40th birthday on February 23: Jan Böhmermann. © www.de24.news

 The  moderator has polarized like no other for years. And all to the delight of his fans. Last year he made the jump from the ZDFneo offshoot to the ZDF main program, where he has been running “ZDF Magazin Royale” every Friday from 11pm. But the entertainer has also made enemies with his style, because not everyone can laugh at Böhmermann’s viciousness.

© www.de24.news The  Varoufakis stinky finger fake fake

This video caused a stir worldwide in 2015: In the said clip, which is said to have been made in 2013, it appeared that the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis had fingered the finger at a congress in Croatia when he appeared to be talking about Germany. On the clip in which Varoufakis discussed the financial crisis in his country, moderator Günther Jauch spoke to him in his ARD program at the time. Varoufakis then claimed that the finger must be a montage, that he had never done anything like that.

But has he shown the finger or not? Jan Böhmermann apparently initially provided clarification. On his show “Neo Magazin Royale” he claimed that he and his team had edited the clip that was circulating at the time. So Varoufakis would actually not have shown the finger. © www.de24.news

 The  Greek then even demanded an apology from Günther Jauch on Twitter. Ultimately, however, Böhmermann stated that the alleged fake video was itself a fake.

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 The  curious action brought Böhmermann and his team a Grimme Prize in 2016. © www.de24.news

 The  reason was that he gave the German media landscape a moment to pause in 2015.

© www.de24.news The  “abusive criticism” poem

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 The  next bang followed just a year later. © www.de24.news

 The  so-called “Böhmermann Affair” made more political waves than the stinky finger video. © www.de24.news

 The  satirist presented a poem in his broadcast, entitled “Schmähgedicht”. In it he insulted the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally. Previously, Böhmermann said that with the poem he wanted to show what a vicious criticism that is forbidden in Germany could look like.

In doing so, he set a huge stone in motion: the Turkish government filed a complaint against Böhmermann, the German federal government allowed prosecution. © www.de24.news

 The  question was whether the moderator could be held accountable for insulting representatives and organs of foreign countries. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel took a position on the “humiliating poem”. She initially described it as “deliberately hurtful”. She then admitted that the phrase was a mistake.

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 The  Mainz public prosecutor decided in October 2016 that no criminal acts could be proven against the satirist. Böhmermann said in a statement in October 2016: “If a joke triggers a state crisis, it is not the problem of the joke, but of the state,” he said. Erdogan had also sued Böhmermann under civil law as a private person. As a result, Böhmermann is still not allowed to repeat large parts of his poem in public.

© www.de24.news The  “Verafake”

Böhmermann not only mixed up politics again and again, he was also targeting TV Germany. © www.de24.news

 The  team around the satirist managed to smuggle two actors into the reality TV show “Wanted in law” in 2016: the 21-year-old Robin and his father René, who likes to drink eight beers a day. Moderator Vera Int-Veen was also criticized. Böhmermann warned in “Neo Magazin Royale”: “It’s not about love with ‘daughter-in-law wanted’. It’s about business for you.”

Among other things, Böhmermann and his team showed what kind of contracts the candidates would have to sign. For 30 days of shooting, they received an allowance of around 150 euros. In addition, editors gave the smuggled actors what they should say in front of the camera. Böhmermann summed up: “You made Robin and René even more stupid than we thought up. And that means something!” For the “Verafake”, Böhmermann and his colleagues received another Grimme Prize.

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 The  discovery of Böhmermann also had consequences. In a message, RTL entertainment director Tom Sänger said: “In the production of an episode of ‘Daughter-in-Law Wanted’, mistakes in the area of ​​editorial due diligence were made.” This is done together with the production company Warner. “© www.de24.news

 The  production of the current season will therefore be carried out by a new team. Together with the producer, we will ensure that the mistakes are not repeated.”

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contributions caused trouble


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