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Cut off – this is how the situation on the island of Wangerooge after the onset of winter can be described.  The re have been no ferries since Monday due to ice and low water. Food is flown in.

On Friday around six tons of fresh food arrived on the island, as reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony. That was three times more than initially assumed, said the grocery store manager Hans-Jürgen Baldeus. Supplies had been ordered on Thursday evening. After all, you never know what the weather will be like, Baldeus said. On Friday the three planes could take off and land unhindered. “Sun, good visibility and an ice-free slope. It would look different in sleet,” said Baldeus. In addition, a vaccination team including a corona vaccine should be flown in today to vaccinate people older than 80 together with the doctors from the island, said Wangerooges Mayor Marcel Fangohr (non-party). According to this, rescue workers and medical professionals are also vaccinated.

Mayor stays relaxed

Propeller plane on approach for landing.  © NDR Photo: Marie Marzahn

© www.de24.news The  island pilots bring fresh food to Wangerooge. (Archive image)

Wangerooge can be reached from the air with the island planes that take off from Harlesiel in the Wittmund district. Fangohr does not fear major bottlenecks on the island. Bread is less scarce because there are two bakers on the island and the supermarkets also have backstreets. If the cold lasts longer, it could lead to other foods becoming tight – but the weather suggests relaxation in the coming week.

It has been a while since the East Frisian island was cut off from the outside world. Five years ago, Wangerooge also had to be supplied from the air. Now the island needs a small airlift again.

Further information

An icebreaker is in use on the Elbe Lateral Canal.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Philipp Schulze

Shipping was suspended on Wednesday. Ferry traffic to the East Frisian Islands is also restricted. more

A sunny winter landscape.  © NDR Photo: Annicka Erdmann

© www.de24.news

 The  nights are getting bitterly cold again. During the day there is moderate to light permafrost – and often sunshine. more

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