Woman sits on the toilet and is bitten by a bear


Juneau –

Shannon Stevens wanted to have a relaxing weekend. Together with her brother Eric and his girlfriend, she was enjoying the trip to Chilkat Lake, Alaska, when an urgent human need overcame her. But horror was waiting in the toilet …

  • Shannon Stevens attacked by wild animals on outing
  • Bear hid in the toilet block
  • Shannon Stevens bitten by a black bear

As soon as the woman sat down on the toilet seat, an eerie something rammed his sharp teeth into her buttocks. US media like “KFVS12” said Shannon Stevens: “I sat down and immediately something bit my bottom.”

 The n she jumped up screaming.

Gigantic bear head looked at Shannon and Eric from the hole

Alarmed by the screams, Eric immediately rushed to his sister’s help. And discovered the unbelievable: A gigantic bear’s head looked at him from the hole when he shone his flashlight into the toilet. Out of sheer shock, Eric flipped the toilet lid down. © www.de24.news

 The  siblings immediately fled the toilet house.

Luckily, Shannon’s injuries weren’t that bad, so she was able to treat herself first thanks to a first aid kit.

How the bear got into the locus is a mystery. © www.de24.news

 The  transmitter “KTOO News“Said Carl Koch, a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, that it was probably a black bear that had taken shelter from the cold under the outhouse. This is supported by the bear tracks in the snow that were found around the hut in the morning. (susa)

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Woman sits toilet bitten bear


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