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Wonder Woman 1984 finally made it to Germany. Around two months after its US launch, the DC blockbuster is now available as a stream on Sky Ticket. Gal Gadot slips into the role of once again iconic suerpheldin, which was last seen in the cinema alongside Batman, Superman and Co. in Justice League.

Here you can stream Wonder Woman 1984 on Sky

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In contrast to the first part, Wonder Woman 1984 comes up with a small encore after or during the credits. This is a teaser for a future DC project, as is the case with most comic book adaptations. But the post-credit scene surprises with one very special appearance.

Danger, Spoiler!

Wonder Woman 1984: This is what happens in the post-credit scene

In the post-credit scene of Wonder Woman 1984, we follow one mysterious figurerescuing a child from a falling power pole. At first glance, it appears to be Wonder Woman. Shortly afterwards, the figure, which we have only seen with its back so far, turns around and reveals its name: Asteria.

  • Who is Asteria? Diana Prince explains earlier in the film that Asteria is a legendary Amazon warrior who sacrificed herself in battle so that her Amazon sisters could survive. She wore the golden armor that Diana protected in the 1984 finale of Wonder Woman.

As it turns out, Asteria didn’t die. Instead, she tells the mother of the rescued child that she has been around for a while helping people on earth. Whether she ever ran into Diana remains unclear.

 The  post-credit scene thus picks up on a side note from the previous story with a little twist.

Wonder Woman 1984 brings back Lynda Carter

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 The  special thing about the scene, however, is less the unexpected return of Asteria than the cast of the character. It is played by none other than Lynda Carter, the first actress to bring Wonder Woman to life in a live-action guise – namely in the eponymous TV series from the 1970s.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman (left) and as Asteria (right)

Wonder Woman 1984 bows to the actress and impressively signals that Her legacy has long since been forgotten is. On the contrary: thanks to Asteria, it now lives on in the DC Universe. It’s not the first time Lynda Carter has returned to the comic book world for a little cameo.

  • She was in Smallville for an episode in 2007 as Moira Sullivan to see
  • In Supergirl she appeared five times as President Olivia Marsdin on

Will we see more of Lynda Carter in the DC Universe?

Probably not. © www.de24.news

 The  post-credit scene of Wonder Woman 1984 is primarily a beautiful gesture. It would still be conceivable that Lynda Carter would appear in the previously announced Wonder Woman 3 again when Asteria shows upFor example, to give Gal Gado’s Wonder Woman some wise advice – from one brave warrior to another.

If we spin around a bit, Lynda Carter could even slip into the Amazon’s armor again. After all, the upcoming © www.de24.news

 The  Flash movie opens that up Gateway to the multiverse. This brings Michael Keaton’s Batman into the DC timeline, in which Ben Affleck’s dark knight moves. So why not Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman too?

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