World champion Lahm advises professionals against an outing – football

World champion Lahm advises professionals against an outing - football

World champion Philipp Lahm reveals in his book why he still advises homosexual professional footballers not to come out.

Homosexuality is still a taboo subject in men’s football in 2021. Hardly any athlete comes out in his active career.  The  German ex-team player Thomas Hitzelsberger is a rare example of those who did so after their careers.

In his new book “©

 The  Game: ©

 The  World of Soccer”, world champion Philipp Lahm dedicates himself to this topic that many others do not want to talk about. ©

 The  former Bayern star and German world champion tries to explain why many footballers keep their sexuality a secret, and why he even recommends it today.

Outing would have to be considered

“Bild” printed excerpts from the new work prior to publication on February 22nd. In it Lahm writes: “©

 The  responsibility would be too great for me. If he were to plan something like this and tell me about it, I would recommend him to consult very closely with his closest confidants and to give himself an honest account of his motives for this step But I wouldn’t even advise him to discuss this topic with his teammates in his own club – a player would have to analyze the question very carefully for his situation with a professional environment and he would have to have a clear strategy for what to do next will happen. ”

Outing is more possible in some cities and clubs, Lahm cites Berlin, St. Pauli and Freiburg as examples. But: “It may be that an athlete has the necessary maturity for it and – if he is very lucky – also encounters the necessary tolerance in his immediate sporting environment. But he will not be with the same maturity in all opponents in sport and completely certainly not be able to count in all stages in which he competes. ”

Lahm explains that among the tens of thousands of spectators in a full stadium there would also be people of inhuman sentiments. Insults and hostility from the ranks, as is unfortunately also known in the form of racism? Lahm: “Who would take it? And if so, how long would he take it?”

Your own colleagues are also a possible problem

But an outing could not only lead to problems in the stands: “Even within your own team you should not be so sure how such a coming-out would be received. Thomas Hitzlsperger said at the time on this subject: ‘Who has a feeling for has the atmosphere in a team, they just know what’s hot. ©

 The  peer pressure can be enormous. ‘”

Lahm speaks plain language, holds the mirror up to the Germans: “So we don’t even need to point a finger at Russia or Turkey when it comes to the persecution of gays, but should continue sweeping in front of our own front door. We have enough to do until it is clear to everyone in this country too that our society is and will remain diverse and colorful in every respect – and that that is a good thing. ”


 The  37-year-old ended his career in 2017. ©

 The  variable player (defense, midfield) always kicked for FC Bayern with the exception of one loan (Stuttgart), collected 385 appearances in the Bundesliga, 112 Champions League games and won the German championship eight times, the premier class in the 2013 triple. With the German national team, he crowned himself world champion in Brazil in 2014.

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World champion Lahm advises professionals outing football


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