World Cup balance sheet for women – you can rely on the Swiss women – sport

World Cup balance sheet for women - you can rely on the Swiss women - sport


As in Are two years ago, Swiss women prove to be medal guarantors.  The y even double the yield.

6 races – 6 medals. On average, one Swiss woman finishes on the podium in every race. What a balance! Of course, they knew about the quality of the Swiss team and the numerous medal chances. But that these are then used so successfully is anything but self-evident.

© The  perfect one

If you talked about Lara Gut-Behrami before the World Cup, it was inevitably about this missing gold medal at a major event at some point. If not now then when? We all asked ourselves that. And then she comes, already in the first race, in this Super-G, in which the four-time winner of the season can almost only lose.

She doesn’t lose, she wins. Gut-Behrami himself would not have called her career incomplete without this gold medal, but it is somehow a completion, but certainly a gilding of her career.

Suddenly everything seems to go by itself. Bronze in the descent is added. And then comes the giant slalom, the ultimate thriller on a long, difficult slope. A fight at the absolute top level in the core discipline of alpine ski racing, in which the level is higher than in any other. And again the Ticino strikes.

And now she’s also happy, as we haven’t seen her for a long time. Not in the World Cup, not even in the Super G Gold at this World Cup. Lara Gut-Behrami crowns her career in Cortina, and in this country she would have preferred to win one or the other again.

Die Speed-Queen

Without ever standing on a World Cup podium, Corinne Suter really hit the World Cup two years ago in Are, winning bronze in the Super-G, then silver in the downhill. And now you succeed in increasing it again. First the silver medal in the Super-G, which removes a lot of pressure, in a season in which, after a strong start at a high level, things began to take off.


 The n comes the departure in which she uses the opportunity, more precisely the absence of season dominator Sofia Goggia. Suddenly the missing few percent are back, suddenly Suter manages to move out of the comfort zone in the direction of risk. ©

 The  reward is World Cup gold in the downhill, for the first time since Maria Walliser in 1989 Switzerland has a downhill world champion again.


 The  emotional one

Michelle Gisin experiences an emotional World Cup, quite a ups and downs. On the positive side, we find strong performances in the downhill (5th place) and in the combination, where she wins the bronze medal – and of course the men’s giant slalom, in which her boyfriend Luca De Aliprandini surprisingly wins silver. On the other hand there is the giant slalom (rank 11) and the slalom (out in the 1st run), where she has to bury her medal dreams in the salty spring snow of Cortina.


 The  disappointed one

After 3 successful large events in the last 4 years, Wendy Holdener remains without precious metal for once. It shouldn’t be – partly because it is disadvantaged by the regulations in the parallel event, but also quite simply because it is not on the same level as in St. Moritz, Pyeongchang or Are.


 The  explanation is found quickly. On the one hand, in the final preparation phase before the season, she was unable to train on snow for six weeks due to an injury to her shin head; on the other hand, she had to replace her long-time coach with a new one. ©

 The se are extremely unfavorable conditions – under these conditions she shows good performance in Cortina, but unfortunately the wages are missing.

14 for 5

A few exceptional masters characterize this World Cup: Mikaela Shiffrin (4 medals), Lara Gut-Behrami, Katharina Liensberger (both 3), Corinne Suter and Petra Vlhova (both 2). ©

 The se five athletes collectively win 14 medals. ©

 The y underpin the banal but apt thesis “If it works, then it works”.

A Federica Brignone, for example, has to find out that it just doesn’t work if it doesn’t. ©

 The  overall World Cup winner is one of the few hopes of the host country and fails consistently grandiose. At first she has no success (10th place in the Super-G), then no luck (in this unspeakable parallel race) and finally there is also bad luck (out in the combination, in giant slalom and in slalom).

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